1. K

    Year round living in Kalkan

    Hello, what is Kalkan like to live through the winter months? Has anyone any knowledge of living all year at the Patara prince resort?
  2. immac

    Labour Back Stabbers Creeping Round

    Not much funny about the election, but I am amused to watch the behaviour of the back stabbers who did their best to destroy Corbyn, but now are trying to get back into the game. If they don´t suck-up they will be in the wilderness; they are not concerned with changing their stance on anything...
  3. bickern

    Summer time all year round

    I have to admit that this evening was pleasant with not losing a hours daylight, so I am all for the change in practice of following the UK. Having the UK watershed at midnight is a bit of a pain though so hopefully we won't loose TV catch up.
  4. bickern

    Another round of spammers

    Just a heads up really but I have noticed a surge in spammers attaching supposed faxes or delivery notes with .js scripts attached or office documents with macros. Be ever vigilent folks. C&P from Sanesecurity ----------------------------------------------------------------- The current...
  5. J

    All year round flights to Bodrum
  6. bickern

    If wheelie bin handles are the WRONG WAY round

    It is no joke. Now dustmen could refuse to empty rubbish if wheelie bin handles are the WRONG WAY round - because collectors say they could be injured turning them.Residents told wheelie bins must be left with the handles facing outwards. Refuse collectors claim they risk injury by constantly...
  7. Yalides

    And just to be fair all round. Gaffes all round.
  8. S

    What goes round...........??
  9. L

    Take a wander round altinkum

    just found this link turkish version of google maps i think ! Türkiye, Ayd?n, Didim ? Yandex.Haritalar
  10. W

    Good Real Estate Company - hunting for villa - year round living

    Hi everyone, Took some time, but it looks like we finally will hit Bodrum in 2nd part of 2014, and will start villa-hunting. Of course, we searched like crazy online, but not much found interesting. If you like, some advice please: * Do you know a good Real Estate Company, specialized in Bodrum...
  11. Yalides

    Freebies all round ?

    Romanians and Bulgarians taught how to claim UK benefits in return for joining union | Mail Online Of course they would. You want something for nothing then vote labour...
  12. beyazbayan

    Round robbins etc

    Am İ the only one who thinks round robbins sent on E mail face book etc are a form of bullying and even a form of emotional blackmail. You know the ones they usually end with İ know which of my friends will respond to me, forward to fifty people if you are my friend etc etc - piss off İ don't...
  13. P

    Full FA cup 3rd round draw.

    Citeh V United. BBC Sport - FA Cup: Manchester rivals clash in third round
  14. tykatem

    Student Riots Round 2...

    On Wednesday 9th Nov the Students of the country are hold more protests, rumour has it that they will team up with the protesters outside St Pauls, so what will be the outcome?..... Students Prepare For Wednesday's Protest In London Against Tuition Fees | UK News | Sky News Pete
  15. G

    Cane/Wicker round table & 4 Chairs

    Hi, For sale we have a round glass topped cane/wicker table and four chairs, excellent condition, sturdy type, not the cheap flimsy ones that are around...can deliver locally in Didim/Yesilkent/Mavisher etc. Bargain 500tl Tel: 05412773653 or Pm Me for more details etc. Gary
  16. shirleyanntr

    round and about Gazipaşa

    There is more to Gazipaşa than the airport although that seems to be the only thing that ever gets a mention here So lets have a look around. Gazipaşa is about 45 kilometres from Alanya on a winding road that has some great views..and also goes through the ancient town of İotape..or Aytap as...
  17. juco

    Pay Rises All Round on EU

    'Euro-MPs were handed an extraordinary £3,000 pay rise yesterday after EU judges ruled in favour of an inflation-busting increase for tens of thousands of Brussels officials. In a controversial ruling, the European Court of Justice rejected a bid by national governments to cancel a 3.7 per cent...
  18. B

    Round trip to Turkey by Car

    We have just completed the trip by car and hope our experience will help if you are thinking of doing it also. Thanks also to previous posters for their help. We took 4 days (one driving) to go to Altinkum and enjoyed the whole trip. Our route was done on the AA web site which I would not...
  19. P

    She has us wrapped round her little paw!

    We have two dogs, both rescued, one a mad collie and the other... um.. well, lets just say we have never yet met a vet who knows what our 16-17 year old Jodie actually is - in fact some believe she may not be a dog at all but more likley a bear. She may have started out as a long haired...
  20. D

    Kusadasi for year round living?

    İ have aging Turkish in laws who are looking to leave İzmir and relocate to a resort for year round living and was wondering for some pointers about life in Kusadasi and prices?-Are there normal houses with gardens within a reasonable distance of ther town centre-someone said it is full of...
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