1. Yalides

    Rough crowd

    April or may 2010. Anyone recognise any of this rough crowd of TLFers ?
  2. Deri

    Rough Camping

    Where can I pitch a little tent for a few days to just chill on my own? I don't mean a commercial campground, just a nice spot near some pine trees and perhaps near a stream. I can't yomp very far these days but I still have the kit, so maybe a place not so far from a road where I can be...
  3. D

    rough estimate of cost of house removers

    İ am pondering the costs of moving household furniture between two places in Turkey--its a 3 bed house full!. i am asking because i wonder if it cost effective to move the stuff or just start from fresh in Akbuk---the starting area for the furnture is about 4,50hours north in a turkish resort...
  4. raven

    Rough tactics beset Turkish campaign

    This is an interesting article by the FT on the Elections this week. / Europe - Rough tactics beset Turkish campaign
  5. S

    Rough collie needs good home

    Hi every one in Dalyan, for those who knows me (Sue from Eurodive) I am desperate for a home for my lovely 8 year old collie, she needs some one to love and want her. I also have 3 cats that need good homes. I cant get them back to England. I have returned to the U.K. because my partner kicked...
  6. M

    rough idea on price for small a/c unit

    i am going to our apartment in 3 weeks in marmaris anybody got an idea for best prices for a small a/c unit for bedroom and where cant be running around in those temperatures also need to buy a internal panelled door
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