1. L

    Rosetta Stone Turkish course

    Hi Has anyone purchased the Rosetta Stone Turkish course? I did and bought all levels and began with level 1. I found it rather difficult for level 1 even though I already have GCSE Turkish and level 2 Turkish (just completed at night school). They were using all tenses on level 1 with no...
  2. keny

    rosetta stone

    Has anyone used the online version of the course to learn turkish?If so what is your opinion and what use has it been when speaking to the turkish? Keny.
  3. lilacdiana

    rosetta stone language course

    Has anyone (or know anyone else who has) used the Rosetta Stone language course? Thet have done a lot of advertising lately on TV and include a Turkish language course.
  4. Struggs

    Free Rosetta Stone Language CD
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