1. Romadog2

    Hi! My name is Rosemary

    ─░ live in Yalikavak and have a small kennel for street dogs. I am working with several friends who help with raising money and feeding and transporting dogs for spay neutering. We have a wesite Yal─▒kavak Animal Welfare Group and on facebook ''yalikavak feed the animals group'' We collect books...
  2. teosgirl

    Rosemary restaurant, best buy

    Hi, I'd like to recommend this restaurant in balcova situated on the first floor at the new ege park shopping centre (best buy). We play bowling at the same location once a week, and afterwards have dinner at Rosemary. This restaurant has a fantastic menu, from steaks, pastas to wraps and...
  3. GnD

    Rosemary Plants

    Can anyone tell me if and where I am able to purchase near Dalaman? We use a lot and as its a mossie deterrent even more incentive to plant. cheers Debbie No smart alec remarks about buy your own!!!
  4. YogiPJ

    Does anybody know Rosemary's number?

    Hi Does anybody know Rosemary's number who lives in Yalicavak. She is I think an American lady who re-homes dogs. Please let me know if you do by either PM or call me on 05387 402498 - Thank you Lorraine
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