1. S

    Rooney back to Toffees?
  2. J


    I reckon that IF Rooney leaves it will either be one of a few European Clubs BUT more likely I can see him staying in the premiership. Which means only one club imho.. CHELSEA! Think about it. Who can afford his wages. Man City - yep but he'll NEVER GO THERE>...
  3. Yalides

    Colleen Rooney pregnant

    Any clue who the father is yet ?
  4. P

    Bend it like Rooney.

    Rooney having a laugh at Old red noses expense,watch the clip. Wayne Rooney leaves Alex Ferguson stunned with David Beckham gag at Man U's Christmas quiz | Mail Online

    Euro play_off

    Ireland will play Estonia, best possible draw for us:in Dublin 2nd leg. Turkey get Croatia.
  6. peter the postie

    Rooney's dad.

    Apparently Wayne Rooneys dad is reported to be distraught over his sons sending off in tonight's England game.
  7. Rosemary1234

    Wayne Rooney Prostitute Beaten Up

    Pictures in the mail of Helen Wood just after she had been beaten up! Sorry but I thought it was Rooney who was marrried! she was just supplying a service! the oldest one in the book by the way.
  8. M


    Rooney gets away with a blatant elbow. What do you think. The FA cannot do anything because of FIFA rules
  9. perfect1949

    colleen rooney say,s she would never trust wayne again

    colleen rooney say,s she could never trust wayne again , could you trust your partner if they had done a similar thing ? i dont think i could . dave
  10. P

    Rooney on his bike soon?

    Could this be the beginning of the end for Rooney at Man utd. BBC Sport - Football - Rooney denies ankle injury claim
  11. S

    What did Rooney say?

    My tvs volume was arsing about-what exactly did Rooney say when he was comming off at the end?
  12. perfect1949

    wayne rooney 2010 player of the year

    wayne rooney . as been voted 2010 player of the year , by the football writers assoication . for me it was the right man , well done wayne
  13. T

    Rooney off

    I thought he was going for the ball!
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