1. IbrahimAbi

    Elephant in the room

    I have been thinking how much harder is must be to enforce social distancing in the UK than in Turkey. Lack of National ID cards makes many things more difficult in the UK than Turkey. I do realise that 'Big Brother Brigade' will soon jump onto this but I would be in favour of their introduction...
  2. 3

    The Elephant in the room.......

    Non Brexit. The Elephants that came to dinner | Mfuwe Lodge, Zambia - YouTube
  3. S

    30k a month to broadcast live pictures of empty room

    Revealed: £30k a month bill to broadcast empty Stormont Assembly - Remember this next time Sleepy comes on complaining about you British taxpayers.
  4. R

    Istanbul room rentals

    Hello, I live in Istanbul and travel a lot. I live in a two bedroom apartment and only use one bedroom so one bedroom (sleeps two) is available. So if you need a room for a couple of nights, a week or so, or even longer, please let me know. The apartment is very centrally located. It is not...
  5. V

    Room for rent

    Hello everyone, hope everything is fine for all... We have 2+1 apartment and we need a housemate to share it with us, it is at Otogar side, 2 mins from Kleopatra beach, calm and cosy... If you are interested just ask me more questions about it and I will answer. We have a big bedroom with...
  6. R

    Renting a room - rental agreement

    Hello I have been a member of this forum for a long time and have gained a lot of information, now I am retired and have the chance to come and live in Turkey. I have a friend who is willing to rent me a room in their home but to obtain a 1 year residence permit I need a rental agreement...
  7. A

    Watch Digiturk in other room

    Hi guys Seeking some help figuring out how we can watch Digiturk in our bedroom. I'd like to be able to watch Digiturk in our bedroom from our main box in our small front room but don't want another box and have to pay for another add-on package or whatever it is (already have this in our...
  8. beyazbayan

    Book me a room!

    Night at the Museum! The luxury hotel built in Cappadocia's historic ruins where you can sleep in a CAVE - for £1,200 a night Read more: Night at the Museum! The luxury hotel built in Cappadocia's historic ruins where you can sleep in a CAVE - for £1,200 a night | Mail Online Follow us...

    Jen's chat room

    Can anyone tell me what goes on in here ...and who frequents this part of the forum....surely its not any type of virtual hanky panky!:moonie:
  10. bbplayer

    Jen's Chat Room

    I'm exploring the web page and I found something called Jen's Chat Room. It looks fun to use? Does anybody use it? Are there occasional meetings and so?
  11. Carolyn

    Woman missing from hospital room found dead two weeks later in stairwell

    A tragic discovery in a San Francisco hospital BBC News - Missing UK woman found dead in US hospital stairwell
  12. janA

    Dining room table and 6 chairs

    For sale dark wood extending dining table and 6 chairs. Cost over 1000 lira when new. For sale at 350 lira. One or two marks on table as shown in photo Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with FOR SALE IN GOKOVA AREA
  13. J

    Looking for a room

    Hello, I am looking for a fully furnished room to rent in karşıyaka, bostanli, bornova or other nice place around Izmir:) I am 22 year old lithuanian girl. I am fun and easy to live with:) If anybody knows something please let me know, I need to move urgently.. Thanks and have a...
  14. SLEEPY

    Elephant in the room

    Right, over the past few months there has be a fair amount of discussion on this forum about fixed elections for Mods, Emlarakery (thank u Phil, good one) importing RHD cars and how much cash has Kev. While important,these issues pale into insignificance when we consider our most important...
  15. E

    For sale living room suite, washing machine, fridge freezer and wardrobe

    I have just bought the entire contents of someone's apartment to help furnish our new place. However, we do already have some things ourselves, so here is a list of items I would like to sell: 1 Arcelik silver washing machine, hardly used, 100 Euro 1 Regal fridge freezer, tall model, as good...
  16. Tommie

    Hotel Room

    I'm looking at purchasing a room in a 5-star hotel near a very popular tourist location (Not Disneyland). I am aware of the potential problems of purchasing residential property although this is clearly not residential. I have been told that I will get a tapu for the room and that it would be...
  17. B

    rent a room in a Turkish family, to practice my Turkish

    Hi, I'm looking for a room to stay in Turkish family for a week or two, to practice my Turkish
  18. P

    England,standing room only.

    Record levels of immigration lead to jam-packed England as population rockets to 56m | Mail Online And that's only the ones they know about and before the doubters start its got to be true it was in the Mail.
  19. V

    Seeking room to rent in avsallar area

    A friend of mine is desperately looking for a room to rent to house rescued cats that have been adopted overseas but need to safely complete the mandatory time period before they can leave the country to go to their new homes - and are at risk of poisoning, abuse etc if left unhoused. She is...
  20. C

    Room for rent

    We are thinking of renting out a bedroom :42:this year for anyone/couple who want to visit this area for a holiday. We are 30 seconds to the sea and have a pool :yipee:on site,open from June to end of October. If anyone is interested in this please pm me. :9: thanks
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