1. Manxman

    Leaking roof

    Hi I have come back to really bad flaking paint and worse still mould and mildew on the upstairs of my 3 bed dublex . I have a flat platform on the roof that houses a defunct water heater, which is tiled but seems to be the source of the problem. Also have a corrugated asbestos type roof which...
  2. A

    Roof shading (canopy)

    I am after our top terrace to have a nylon type Sun shade put on , but it is a a strange shape. Does anyone know of a person/company who could go to the house / measure up and make please , either Didim/ Akbuk as we are in-between.
  3. S

    Marbling Roof Terrace Walls- Didim

    We have a large open top terrace which offers little protection re water ingress. Some neighbours have recently had the top of their walls fitted with marble ( with small overhang each side). Pricing has been remarkably varied and I just wonder whether anybody has had this done and can guide...
  4. D

    Roof Rack Regulations

    I was stopped at a routine Jandarma traffic checkpoint when carrying some planks on a roofrack, On seeing the loaded roof rack the Jandarme immediately said “problem” and called his boss over, who also said “problem”. I was then issued with a ticket for 95 TL. (25% reduction if paid in 15...
  5. S

    Leaky Roof

    Hi All Can anyone help with an Artev (jerry) built leaking roof terrace. For the past 3-4 years rain has been coming in through the bathroom light fitting. We've tried everything we can think of - even covering the chimney vent and taping up the electric roof sockets but nothing has worked...
  6. A

    Turkish Condominium Law - Roof repair

    Hello. I am sure that under Condominium Law that all owners in a block are responsible for roof repairs not just those on the top level. Can anyone give information on this. I am on base level but am willing to pay my share but need confirmation for others. Thanks in advance,Derek.
  7. Freedom 49

    Apollo Theatre Roof Falls in.

    Very fortunate that there is no loss of life, hope all the injured find a swift recovery and are able to put the trauma behind them. Extremely lucky in many respects as the emergency services were on the scene inside about 5 mins. That was according to the CNN reports I saw live last night...
  8. A

    Re Hi Newby on Here roof repairs

    Hi to you all, My name is Adrian, new comer on here. I have a villa in Akbuk,Gok Deniz Site, have had one there for 7 years now.Im looking for a reliable workman to do my roof repairs as I have had really bad leak in the top two bedrooms.As this villa is my summer home,it dosnt get used as much...
  9. M

    Roof terrace

    Hi all. We got our roof terrace enclosed by sliding glass this summer. I need advise as to how to close it up for the winter. Do I close all the sliding glass panels or do I leave some open for ventilation. Any advise on do's and dont's would be much appreciated. Maura
  10. C

    New Roof

    Does anyone know of a reputable builder or roofer in Marmaris, who could give us an estimate for a new roof on our apartment block. Many thanks Chris
  11. C

    Roof problem

    I have owned my property for 8 years. It is in a block of 16 apartments. The roof has been leaking ever since we built these apartments, we asked the builder to repair it, but he did nothing and the whole roof now needs replacing. We had a 10 year guarantee, but the builder says he is not...
  12. lintel

    Roof repair needed in Altinkum

    I need a good roof person to put felt on my villa as I have a small leek due to the roof being tiled and tiles moved , would appreciate any phone numbers thanks x
  13. B

    Villa roof felting

    Anyone got any idea how much it would cost to have my 3 bed concrete roof felted its approx 50 metre sq and if anyone has any contacts for the Bodrum area we are near Gumusluk Many thanks
  14. J

    Replacement Roof - who pays???

    I have a friend who owns a dublex in a block of 8 apartments. There are problems with the roof and it is looking like it will need to be replaced, however, there are arguements re who is responsible for the cost of same - some say it is the dublex owners responsibility as they are at the top...
  15. N

    Flat roof sealant materials

    I own a flat roofed apartment which needs re sealing after a few years. I went up to have a look and the roof is clean and covered by some sort of bitumin impregnated hessian. Clearly the roof needs reproofing and I was planning to use a liquid polymer sealant, which I know I can get in UK. I...
  16. Ian2006

    Wanted - Fethiye - Duplex with Pool and Roof Terrace

    Hi - as we have sold our apartment - we have now agreed to rent for 3 months to start with whilst we look around. Our requirements are: Fethiye or Calis - not Tasyaka or Deliktas area 3 / 4 bed - preferably duplex - with roof terrace Must be a very tidy and neat site - with a pool We are...
  17. immac

    Roof Balcony Problem

    I have a duplex apartment with a small balcony/terrace on the top (4th floor) floor outside the bedroom. It seems this may be an illegal addition to the apartment at the point of building. I don´t use the area - too hot in summer, too exposed in winter. I only use it for sat dishes. It certainly...
  18. N

    Halfords 580L roof box

    Hi, I bought this about a year ago to bring out to turkey when we moved. No longer have any use for it so it is for sale. We live in the Tuzla area between Bodrum and the Bodrum/Milas airport. Buyer to collect as we do not have a roof rack on our new car. Just looked at the Halfords website and...
  19. F

    Roof problem !!!

    Hi from sunny Uzumlu I have an apartment on a complex with 10 apartments on it, my neighbour above me has a 4 bed duplex with a leaking roof ( I am on ground floor ) he is saying that the cost of repair should come out of communal funds I and some other residents disagree saying it should be...
  20. christella

    taken from our roof top in Akbuk

    practising fire fighting picking up water
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