1. bal canavar

    Roman harbor to be recreated

    2,000-year-old Roman harbor to be recreated in western Turkey Ankara University has announced that it will be reconstructing an authentic 2,000-year-old Roman harbor in Turkey’s western town of Urla, one of the oldest port cities on the Aegean Sea. photographs 2,000-year-old Roman...
  2. suzyq

    Ancient Roman Harbour in Urla

    I look forward to seeing this when it's finished as it's going to be something different. Ancient Roman harbor to reappear in Urla - ARCHAEOLOGY

    What have the romans ever done for us

    Normally I would take no notice of any rubbish in this rag though this article did catch my eye as I though it very sad for all concerned particularly at this time of year.Some of these people suffer terrible discrimination and injustice in their own countries though I am sure many members will...
  4. Yogi

    Roman's millions

    Roman Abramovich is worth £11Bn apparently. Having someone to whom money is no object is surely bad for the game isn't it? money, money, money
  5. K

    Roman Abramovic buying up Guzelcamli

    I see the rumours are out again on other forums about his purchase of the old holiday camp on the main beach front between Love Beach and Guzelcamli. I have walked past the area many times and the wife commented on what a waste of prime land it was. If the rumours are true Abramovic has bought...
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