1. J

    Roller shutter repairs

    Does anybody know of a shutter repair company in didim.
  2. D

    Roller Blinds/TV/Patio Furniture

    Hi Folks Anybody know where I can purchase the following item from in the Bodrum area Aluminium type loungers Aluminium type patio table & chairs Smart TV Made to measure roller blinds Thanks Darren
  3. yalimart

    Roller shutters

    I am thinking of having some roller shutters fitted onto some of our windows, not for security but really for when we shut the house down for winter for a bit of extra weather protection, anyone got them ? are they any good and more to the the point will a working class champagne drinker like me...
  4. J

    Roller Shutters

    Hi i need help i have roller shutters, i need some cord replacement, can anyone recommend where to go.? Thanks :thanks: JoyBri
  5. S

    Roller shuttering

    Hi all can anyone recommend a good reliable Rollershutter installer in akbuk or altinkum.
  6. T

    Vertical Roller fly screen for patio door

    Hi all, We are going out to furnish our new apprtment at Summer breeze next week and I want to have fly screens fitted while I am there. I particularly want the type that are like vertical roller blinds for the patio doors. They meet in the middle and retract back when opened. Anyone know if...
  7. D

    Needing Help - Roller Shutters or Similar

    Hi there all, I need a bit of help if possible. As my Turkish is non-existent and my local knowledge is just as poor too. I am coming to Turkbuku to my Empty Villa at the beginning of next week (the 20th). The place has four glass doors & four windows that need to be secured at times when I...
  8. L

    electric roller shutter doors.

    Could someone please offer advise on upvc electric roller shutter doors.we have a holiday home a 3 bedroom duplex between Fethiye and calis.We have just been informed we have been broken into so we are flying out there next week.Can anyone please reccomm:28:end a good company who fit these...
  9. Martyn

    Crash on roller coaster

    Dozens injured in rollercoaster crash as Blackpool's Big Dipper cars collide | Mail Online
  10. Mag

    Carrying Roller Blind in luggage.

    I want to bring a roller blind in my luggage this weekend, but it's too big to fit in the case. Would I be safe enough wrapping it in padding and bubble wrap and putting it in the hold? Thanks Mag
  11. V

    Steel Roller Shutters

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anybody knows where I can get a really good manufactured steel roller shutter for my villa - we were recently burgled and think this may be one of the best deterrents to fit to the french doors. We only want proper manufactured shutters - not home made preferbly...
  12. J

    Roller Shutters

    Does anyone know how much lockable roller shutters are?
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