1. B

    Sun shades and bamboo roll

    Hello folks, We need 3 new sun shades ans a 5 *2 metre roll of bamboo which we are going to get from the gypsies just outside Ortaca. Any idea of the prices? Any help would be apprecited before we enter into negotiations! Thanks in advance.
  2. L

    6 days to go roll on Thursday

    Just thought I would share my excitment as we are flying out on Thursday! Away from the wettest summer so far here in England! Any recommendations of places to visit whilst there?
  3. Ms Who

    Rock & Roll Night

    The New Management Team at Club Aegean are hosting a Rock & Roll night this coming Saturday (21st). The complex is off the Marina Road at the top end by the big posh house and behind Cicek Bachesi. They are doing a diner type menu from 7pm for those that want to eat and live entertainment...
  4. icebern09

    Roll On

    Right thats Christmas over and done with. :amen: Flights are booked, so roll on the first of May. Be good to catch up with all our mates in Altinkum :gathering
  5. shazeroo

    Roll Up! Roll Up! It's the Gumusluk House Clearance Last Chance...

    We've reached our last week before we leave Turkey and still have some nice things left to sell. We want to get our final pack done on Monday, so anything not sold by the end of the weekend will go into storage for when we are next back, or we will give smaller items to Rosemary to sell at the...
  6. butt007

    Toilet roll big sale

    Women talk about men being pig headed but women can be doubly so!!!! We both went to Metro a few days ago with a list of things to get, as we got to the toilet roll and tissue aisle I said, "We need some kitchen rolls" "Oh no we have plenty" she said. " but we have a part opened pack...
  7. bobthenob

    Rock an' Roll Classic's

    "OK",before you guys start on this one about Gary Glitter being a Freak of human society.You have gotta admit his music was different of that era. lt sends people wild and got them dancin'.Do you agree at that time during your youthful day's before you even knew later on that he was exposed as...
  8. kaplumba

    On a roll

    Oh I'm really on a roll now with interesting snippets and stories about Datca. It's because I'm on my countdown. I'm sure I posted about farming projects a while back and here is something similar but to do with bread making. I don't think I could cope with farming but village bread making, now...
  9. ceemac

    New Bog Roll On Sale

  10. Yalides

    Sausage roll recipe a la Diane

    Nothing to it! I used 5 sausages skinned, does not matter what type. Put these into a bowl mix with teaspoon of chili flakes or turkish biber flakes, teaspoon of mixed herbs, teaspoon or 2 of sage and onion stuffing dry and a little freshly milled black pepper, a little salt if required. Make...
  11. S

    Roll on Boxing Day

    God this is one big bore Roll on Boxing Day!
  12. A

    roll call

    who will be in Akbuk for the new year:dance:
  13. P

    Roll on Summer at Sunflower

    Can't wait to get out for a bit of sun this summer. We normally get over 2 or 3 times a year but due to work commitments (always get's in the way) we can't get over until August. Has anyone been over recently? How is the complex looking? Paul (E4)
  14. dalid69

    2008 Tax Rates (band roll)

    Hi,not sure if anyone else has come across the new tax rates for this year,they used to go from 1-3 year old cars and then the price goes down in stages,however this year they now go from 1-6 years so if your car,van etc was cheaper last year then you have probably already found out that its now...
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