1. bickern

    Robert Nairac - Murdered

    Double standards or what? The Mail can reveal that Terry McCormick and Pat Maguire were among 187 on-the-run paramilitary suspects who received 'comfort letters' – dubbed 'get-out-of-jail-free cards' – which told them they were not being sought by police. The pair were wanted for questioning...
  2. L

    Robert & Ann Parker

    If any one knows these people, their Residency Permits are in Gundogan Post Office waiting for collection. If not collected they will go to Bodrum PTT then all the way to Mugla. I was chasing up the where abouts of friends RP's that applied more than 6 weeks ago and these were the only ones for...
  3. Jaycey

    ‘Sir’ Robert wins again

    Surprise, surprise, Mugabe wins again for his 7th term of office albeit with a reduced majority - apparently he only got 13.4 million votes from the 13 million electorate. :animation Harare police won?t tolerate protests - Africa | IOL News | Sound familiar?
  4. Firefox

    Robert Mugabe Sick

    Former Knight Grand Cross (GCB) Sir Robert Mugabe is severely Sick in Singapore tonight. Once the Darling of H.M Queen like the King of Bahrain, Mubarek, Bin Ali, who've been bestowed various Mickey mouse crosses & honours Ex-sir Robert is very Sick. Should her Mag be sending a “Get Well Soon...
  5. Mojive

    Veteran Broadcastor Robert Robinson dies.

    I grew up with this Man on T.V .....Ask the Family and Call my Bluff always watched them as a kid!!!!!!Veteran broadcaster Robinson dies -
  6. P

    Third Wish - Robert Fulghum

    In fairy tales the first wish is foolish, the second is used to correct the damage done by the first one. The third wish is the one that must be used wisely and well and usually with the help of your friends! Third Wish is a 5 volume 2 book novel that comes with a CD of original music. Robert...
  7. jandj

    Robert Plant

    I recently saw Robert Plant and the Band of Joy performing at the BBC electric proms. An outstanding gig with his finale leaving the hairs on the back of my neck standing up!!! "I Bid You Goodnight" This version on Youtube performed in Arkansas, gives an idea. YouTube - And We Bid You Goodnight...
  8. M

    Robert Ballard and Nautilus

    Surprised that nothing has been mentioned on here about their recent appearance in Yalikavak (unless I missed the posts) We were out on our boat last month when Nautilus arrived in the bay, but did not realise exactly who it was at that time. Said to my wife that the boat had and RVO on the...
  9. Struggs

    Bourne Ultimatum book by Robert Ludlum

    Free copy from:
  10. G

    Welcome Robert P - Holiday World

    Hi there I have just looked at your web site, wow, you have got some lovely villas on there. Welcome to the forum Robert, look forward to your posts as I am very interested in what peeps have to say and Lorraine is very nosey;) Gail:)
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