1. Firefox

    Daylight Robbery

    One of the Biggest heists to take place in London in recent Years. Hatton Garden gang 'have already shipped jewels out of the country' | Daily Mail Online
  2. C


    Hi just wanted to let you know that we were robbed in our villa in Colakli last night whilst we were sleeping, they broke into the kitchen balcony & stole all our money, they had thrown the kitchen rug on the stairs which we think was for us to fall over should we come down stairs, there was...
  3. Spurs

    Paris robbery.

    The question arises, why would you be carrying 250,000 Euros? Along with, did the Prince get permission to take such an amount out of France? Just shows how the other half live. BBC News - Saudi prince's convoy in Paris attacked by gunmen
  4. barry budd


    hi all just had a great six weeks in turkey ,until the last 3 days while we were out in the evening we were robbed we lost new laptop, mobile phone, money,cards,camera,watch, because we are on a turkish site we bacame complacent and left 1 window open,they cut through the mossy net and left by...
  5. C

    ATM - Robbery

    ATM PIN Number Reversal - Good to Know !! If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your PIN # in reverse. For example, if your pin number is 1234, then you would put in 4321. The ATM system recognizes that...
  6. A

    Robbery at ATM

    I heard recently that if you are being robbed at an ATM you should enter your PIN in reverse order. You will still receive your money ( so the robber does not suspect anything) but a call is immediately placed to the local police station. Only problem is length of time it takes for police to...
  7. Mushtaq

    Daylight Robbery

    I just had a call from a friend to tell me that I have received a fine of 500 lira because someone (builder) has moved my water meter to the communal connection and used it to fill the pool and water the gardens. So I have now a big fine and a large water bill, seems the council is not...
  8. G

    Bank Robbery in Kus

    According to today's Zamann there was a bank robbery in Kusadasi yesterday, with some customers being held hostage. Gunmen hold hostages in attempted bank robbery in Aydın’s Kuşadası The police were negotiating with the robbers when the story went to press. Does anyone in Kus know...
  9. bobthenob

    poll tax robbery

    This is something l think is more real to the attitudes of what is happening behind closed doors. Many alterations by me,as l see it,from the fractered fairy tales Once a upon a time,not so far back,was a politician,elected as prime minister.Even by politicians standards,they couldn’t figure out...
  10. R

    Car theft and bank robbery

    I got up this morning as usual - put the kettle on made the little one his breakfast, started feeding him whilst hubby moved the cars (I park behind him). Fed Coby, plonked him on the sofa to watch high five and popped my nose round the door to see what was taking hubby so long (he had been a...
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