1. G

    Phone question & Vodafone UK charging £6 per day

    :hmm:Please Can anyone tell me wheather I should get contract or pay monthly sim for my phone and which one to get and how much should I look at paying.
  2. N


    hi everyone i forgot to put my turkish phone on roaming when i was in turkey. could anyone tell me how i can do this from uk! cheers
  3. V

    Vodafone stop free roaming from 10th May

    Vodafone have announced that they are changing their terms on free roaming and Turkey will now be part of 'world' not 'Europe'. This means using your vodafone mobile in Turkey will cost £6 a day.
  4. L

    European Roaming in Turkey

    Anybody tried searching for a Greek phone signal whilst in Turkey and using your European roaming charges, I managed to get Vodafone GR whilst in Yalikavak earlier this year but I couldn't get 3G.
  5. overmars

    Best UK mobile providers/tariffs for roaming in Turkey

    Hi everyone, I'm currently on a Vodafone Sim-only deal - 30 day contract - for my Blackberry mobile phone. The deal itself is pretty uncompetitive [300m, 3000T and 250MB - £13], so I want to switch, only I'd like a provider that gives me the best rate when I go visit Turkey. Currently this is...
  6. thingthong

    New roaming rates

    Anyone got the new roaming prices for Turkey that were brought into affect on the 1st July 12 ? T.
  7. Y

    Turkcell International Roaming

    Hi can anyone tell me how I turn on International roaming so I can use my turkish phone while overseas?
  8. S

    International Roaming

    Can anyone tell me how to set your turkish phone to international roaming please.
  9. A

    turk cell and vodafone roaming?!

    ??hi.i bought a sim card vodafone.roaming it doesn't work(only with an appropriate credit card,no recargeable.after then i bought turk cell sim card.and also this it doesn't work in europe.who knows something more to help me to activate it?
  10. A

    roaming vodafone sim card

    hi.i bought in turkey a vodafone card.when i came to italy my telephone didn t give any signal.i put the card in the other,but nothing.i read that vodafone has roaming but?has somebody the same problem?thanks.
  11. lorraine

    Roaming Turkcell

    I was speaking to a phone techy yesterday and they were trying to describe to me the new telephone system introduced by Turkcel. Apparently anyone with a Turkcel phone will now be able to take their mobiles back to UK and use them. keeping them alive and upto date by purchasing enough top up...
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