1. captain


    If anybody is arriving in the next few weeks there are major road works on the main Bodrum - Yalikavak road.
  2. C

    Roadworks Milas - Mugla road

    The Roadworks on the Milas- Yatagan road are continuing all summer. Wednesday August 10, the road will be closed for blasting works from 2-5pm. Hope nobody gets caught on the road with this, because you will just have to sit and wait. ** Muğla Valiliği’nden yapılan açıklamaya göre...
  3. SonnyJim

    Marmaris/Dalaman roadworks!!

    As we know there are major roadworks on various sections of the Marmaris/Dalaman road and we have been advised that on certain days (normally in the early hours of the morning) the road is closed. I am sure there was a link given with these times listed in previous years, does anyone have any...
  4. Marirabbit

    Roadworks in Gumbet

    Hi there, I was recently told by a friend of mine that there are new water pipes being laid in some of the streets in Gumbet, in particular the street outside the Ozturk Otel - heading down towards the beach. Can anyone give me an update on progress? Its right outide our house and as we are...
  5. G


    How are the roads now in Yalikavak? We'll be travelling from the airport via Torba, should we expect any nasty holes en route? How is Yali looking?
  6. duffers


    Hi, Does anyone know if the Belidye in Fethiye have started paving the roads on the other side of the 22 Metre road (Clais road)? I know they finished last summer on the "Bay side". Only out apartment block is on the Migros side and like most side roads in town, they are full of potholes a nd...
  7. Z

    roadworks, street lighting, flooding etc.

    Hi All, Glad to have joined to be able to discuss different things that might crop up anytime. Have recently bought an apartment with my partner in altinkum near to third beach, haven't moved in yet, still unfurnished.Recently it was brought to my attention that flooding during winter months can...
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