1. D

    Road Tax Matters

    I have been trying to pay the second installment of my road tax, using the normal online interactive site, but it is accepting my inputs without problems, but coming up with zero debt stated, and 00 tl in the total column. When I intentionally put an incorrect plaka number in, it stated an...
  2. Tenpin

    HGS Toll Road System

    Hi We have the sticker in the window and account we regularly top up so we can use the toll roads, no problems. The question I have is this, has anyone any experience of changing the mobile number associated with the account? We have not found any way to update/change it online. Thanks Garry
  3. K

    One for the road?

    Paris has installed new eco friendly urinals for men, Could this catch on elsewhere?
  4. C

    Road surfacing Akbuk

    Great to see they have tarmacked the roads in Akbuk. Pity they tarmacked over the new man-hole covers!
  5. E

    Road speed control.

    Since the beginning of the year, as well as the police radar checks, on Motorways a new system has started whereby your number plate is read at the beginning of a section and again when you leave and the time taken is recorded and the speed is worked out. I believe there is some leeway given but...
  6. Akasya

    Road carnage

    Be extra careful on the roads this Eid 73 killed, 437 injured in traffic accidents across Turkey in first seven days of Eid al-Adha - LOCAL Dodgy or what Steve

    Road rage

    I am sure that some of these guys are TLF members!
  8. G

    Road from the airport to Gulluk

    Does anyone know whether the new road from the airport to the village is finished yet. Also has anyone ever had spectacles made in Bodrum is so is the cost any cheaper than the UK Regards Gloria
  9. hijo

    Rocket Attack Antalya

    The southern Turkish holiday resort region of Antalya has been hit by two missiles, according to reports. It is not thought anyone was injured in the incident, CNNTurk said. The province of Antalya is next to the popular tourist areas of Marmaris and Bodrum, and just north of Cyprus. The...
  10. bickern

    Over the road

    Anyone looked in over the road recently? I just did a google search on something and was taken over there. Ghost town springs to mind. Is Turkey and the discussions of, loosing its sparkle I wonder?
  11. christella

    New road opened today

    Akbuk to Didim the new road opened this morning just got back from Didim Very good
  12. Yalides

    Road rage Don`t annoy the angry fat boy.....
  13. juco

    R.I.P. Doctor, John Hinds, The Fastest Road Racing Doctor

    A very interesting and humorous video. Unfortunately the doctor himself died in a motorcycle crash. ~ R.I.P. ~ Doctor ✜ John Hinds ☘ . . The_Fastest Road Racing Doctor ✔ - YouTube
  14. juco

    Who owns the road? - Out Riding When....
  15. F

    Coastal road

    Hello! Does anybody know when or if they will finish the coastal road between Side and Belek? Best regards Thomas
  16. T

    Antalya Airport to Dalyan by road

    hello all , I am coming over on the 9.2.16 and wondered if anyone has recently done the mountain route to Dalyan, I can always do the coast road but would prefer the other if not covered in snow. Anyone with recent experience ?
  17. stmary

    Road tax bills

    Hi ,has anybody had their road tax bills yet in the 3rd beach area and if so roughly how much are they . Thanks
  18. C

    Smoking in the pork shop marina road didim

    Can anyone tell me when the law changed allowing smoking in a food shop? i must of missed it as everytime i go into the PORK SHOP on the marina road they are sitting in a cloud of smoke.? I am an non smoker who doesnt usually care about smoking,but this is a food shop selling open food ie cheese...
  19. Philogic

    G20 Road Closure

    I have been told by a leading transfer company that the Serik to Antalya road will be closed during the G20 Summit in Belek. This will add hours to transfers to and from the airport. Better check it out!
  20. K

    Transporting Personal goods from Turkey to UK by road

    What paper work do you need to take your personal items including some furniture from Turkey to the UK by road.
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