1. K

    insurance policy - risk in case of power surge

    Hello, i was informed that there is a change in turkish legislation related to insurance. When the communal areas in a site do not have a power surge protection system, the insurance company does not need to cover the risk related to damage. Can anyone give some information about this? I did...
  2. Tenpin

    Nearly half a million ‘zombie cars’ create big risk on Turkey’s roads

    Now here is something I can believe :27: Nearly half a million ?zombie cars? create big risk on Turkey?s roads - BUSINESS Snippet: According to a fresh report from the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM), more than 43,000 vehicles were banned from hitting the roads in 2016 after...
  3. teosgirl

    Turkish workers at risk

    High-speed train station building collapses, several injured - LOCAL Not surprising when they fill cracks like this with concrete: Crack in Istanbul?s intercontinental metro construction causes concern - LOCAL Three workers die in construction accident at viaduct connecting to Istanbul?s...
  4. suzyq

    Internet Explorer Users At Risk From Major Bug

    7:59am UK, Monday 28 April 2014 Users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser are at risk after a major security flaw was discovered. The bug could allow hackers to gain control of a victim's computer and Microsoft admitted there had already been "limited, targeted attacks" to exploit...
  5. Firefox

    UK Man Flight Risk

    If you think UK has barmy laws by protecting Abu Q round the clock with 20 Met & MI5 officers in his DSS home in Wembley, The Americans have just banged up a British OAP Christopher Tappin In solitary Maximum Security Jail. They wont give him Bail as they say his a Flight Risk. But he...
  6. essex_girl

    Company risk...

    We own a company which was registered with Chamber of Commerce and pay monthly fees etc. We bought the company so that we could own our house. We didn't choose to buy this way, we were lied to by our emlak and then had no other choice. Today a turkish neighbour told us that there was a risk...
  7. ZiaCa'

    MP's Security Risk Warning on Turkey joining EU

    MPs warn over security risks if Turkey joins EU - Yahoo!
  8. Mushtaq

    UK: Risk of dogs carrying disease is growing

    A breed of bloodsucking tick normally found in continental Europe has been discovered in the UK for the first time. Researchers from the University of Bristol also found that the number of dogs infested with all species of parasites was far higher than previously thought. They raised fears that...
  9. E

    Turkey taking too much risk

    Apologies for not being able to post the link! It is an article in Hurriyet criticising the CB's monetary policy and saying that if foreigners dump bonds ( I suppose they mean foreign hedge funds) their could be a real problem. The best bit of the article says they won't cut again (how do they...
  10. ceemac

    Bodrum Peninsula's only wetland at risk of perishing

    Hasan Akkaya, a 70-year-old resident of Bodrum’s Gölköy area, brings his three cows every day to the pastures surrounding Akdeniz Lake. He is a witness to much of the history of the lake date palms that have been in the area for hundreds of years, but have recently succumbed to mysterious fires...
  11. ceemac

    Skin cancer risk soars due to foreign holidays

    The risk of skin cancer has more than quadrupled in the last 30 years as the older generations suffer the effects of the first mass holidays to sunny foreign destinations, research suggests. Here C
  12. ceemac

    Earthquake Risk For Many Buildings

    Many buildings in Turkey risk being destroyed in an earthquake because the law passed after the 1999 quake covers only 19 provinces. In 62 provinces, many of which are in first-degree quake zones, 10 to 30 percent of buildings are below standard and are structurally vulnerable. Experts are...
  13. SarahEsen

    Pine tree caterpillar risk

    My daughter came out in a bad rash last year while we were staying in Kayakoy. Doctors could not identify what caused it. I found this article recently and wondered if these caterpillar hairs could have been the answer. Maybe winds blew them near us? I just don't know. The pine processionary...
  14. ceemac

    UK Holidaymakers at Risk

    According to fire authorities, many holidaymakers in the UK are at risk every day due to hotels and guesthouses flouting or being unaware of statutory fire safety and prevention measures. Here C
  15. P

    Is Akbuk at risk from Earthquakes?

    I was recently told that Akbuk lies on an earthquake fault line - is this correct? Does anyone have any more information on this? How much of a risk is the area from quakes? Thanks
  16. B

    Earthquake Risk?

    I'm going to ask a silly question now, but bear with me. What are the earthquake risks in the Akbuk/Altinkum area? Is it safer than other areas, or is ALL of Turkey at major risk?
  17. lorraine

    Terrorism UK more at risk than Turkey

    Took this story from the Scotsman, all the people panicking over holidays in Turkey should worry more of holidaying in the UK. Terror map blow to tourism MURDO MACLEOD The Scotsman IT IS the world map which will have Britain's tourist industry reaching for the Prozac. A guide...
  18. merlin

    Little Haghia Sophia and Ancient City at Risk....

    The World Monuments Fund in New York has declared two more structures in Turkey are at risk. The archaic city Afrodisias and Little Haghia Sophia Mosque in Turkey have been listed on the ''2006 World Watch List'', which have been announced by the Fund and includes 100 ancient monuments. The...
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