1. Tenpin

    The true cost of rising the minimum wage

    Around 300,000 SME workers lose jobs after Turkey’s minimum wage hike. Around 300,000 SME workers lose jobs after Turkey?s minimum wage hike: Report - BUSINESS
  2. R

    Rising damp cure

    Has anyone found a cure for rising damp? After wet winters botton 12inches of walls in one bedroom are damp and paint peeling off. After heavy rain this week, already got damp patches at bottom of walls. A local I have asked says damp courses are very bad in Turkish houses and,after a couple of...
  3. bal canavar

    One billion rising revolution ?

    Was organised with the help of CHP Kadikoy Belediye last year ,but events all over the world for this good cause . One Billion Rising WHAT IS ONE BILLION RISING? One Billion Rising is the biggest mass action to end violence against women in human history. The campaign, launched on...

    House of the rising sun!

    I notice that several members are limbering up in preparation for their annual pilgrimage to Turkey. But what trials and tribulations await as the door of your dwelling swings creaks open for the first time since last year. Will there be water or electric, may be you have been blessed with a...
  5. H

    Basement flooding due to water table rising

    Does anybody know where I can get one of these, preferably in the Marmaris/Mugla/Dalaman/Bodrum area. ACO Junior® anti-flood backflow floor drain system - ACO Building Drainage - on ESI.info My basement tends to flood, only by an inch or so, when we have very heavy rain. I think that it comes...
  6. giglets

    Global Middle-Class Rising Rapidly - Good Thing?

    BBC News - The rise of the global middle class One of the most remarkable feats in the world has been the lifting of about a billion people out of abject poverty in the past couple of decades. If the industrialisation trend continues, then this century could witness some of the rapid...
  7. thingthong

    Yalides ............18,000 post n rising

    Yes Congratulations to the dodgy n skanky one 18,000 posts and rising !Stand up Sir and take a bow. Maybe Sir Yalides is deserving ,and him who no longer residing in Turkey! All the best Skanky one! T.:77wu:
  8. sandpearse

    One Billion Rising

    Morning, Posting the link to One Billion Rising in Bodrum today at 12 midday, as I don't think I have seen it covered on TLF yet, apologies if it has. Please as many turn up today to stand up against violence to women. One Billion Rising | | ONE BILLION RISING BODRUM * BOYUN EGMIYORUZ! BAÅž...
  9. scotssteve

    Stray dog problem rising

    BBC - Newsbeat - Number of stray dogs is on the rise, says Dogs Trust We hear lots of stories of how the problems of stray dogs behave in Turkey and what the authorities do/do not do. The link abve refers to a new UK report on the fact that over 120,000 dogs were collected last year across the...
  10. immac

    Inflation 7.17% And Rising

    From Zaman: Inflation soars in May to 7.17 percent The consumer price index (CPI) for the month of May has shown a big jump from 4.21 percent in April to 7.17 percent in May, the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) said on Friday. The annual figure reflects the 2.42 percent increase in...
  11. arrian

    Bad Moon Rising??

    if you feel the urge to howl at the moon.................this report says. i think there's one or two on tlf who might be doing just that!! lol (TONGUE IN CHEEK)!!!! says she! Bad moon rising
  12. John O' Dreams

    2,000 attend 1916 Rising commemoration

    Around 2,000 spectators turned out at the GPO in Dublin this afternoon to honour those who died in the 1916 Rising. President Mary McAleese, Taoiseach Brian Cowen and several Government ministers attended the ceremony. RTÉ News: 2,000 attend 1916 Rising commemoration
  13. L

    Interest Rates Rising ???

    Went to Akbank last week and the guy there said from April the interest rate for savers will rise, not sure by how much maybe 1% but as they say "every little helps"........ anyone else heard this ?
  14. jcrian

    Rising Damp

    If the wall is built from a hollow clay block then how does the damp get through the void (the hollow bit)? I would have thought that if you could inject some compound into the clay (which is porous) that would solve the problem. The Vandex stuff referred to elswhere seems to be for a...
  15. P

    Are prices rising

    Hi all, we go to our place in Yalikavak roughly every 8 weeks and were there most recently over the Christmas period. We've been doing this for about 4 years now. Is it us or are prices rising generally? To be honest I don't take a great deal of notice of prices in UK supermarkets, I'm not even...
  16. M

    Rising Sun

    Just heard the Rising Sun is up for sale, anyone no why?
  17. immac

    house value rising £

    Help me out with this. Two hypothetical Turkish houses sit side by side and are identical except that (when the £ is 2.30ytl) they are priced for sale by their respective owners in £ and the other in ytl. The price starts out identical £40,000 and 92,000ytl. Then the exchange rate for the £...
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