1. Camden

    Rise Sir Tom

    Captain Tom Moore to receive knighthood from Queen at Windsor Castle Today The ceremony will honour Captain Tom's heroic fundraising efforts, in which he raised more than £32million for the NHS during Covid-19 A credit to the Country...:25:
  2. V

    15% Turkish wage rise

    The Turkish minimum wage will rise by 15% from January 1st. The increase will take the rate to 2325tl per month (just over £300). If previous years are to be followed, foreigners will see their SGK go up by the same % amount...
  3. S

    Tourists on the rise in Alanya

    Very pleased to see Alanya and some surrounding places appear to have more tourists than I've seen in years. I even had some Japanese tourists ask me how to get to Konakli Pazaar. I must admit I was really surprised at that. Maybe it's a new holiday destination for the Japanese as I saw two...
  4. S

    Anti-americanism in Turkey on the rise?

    Hi all, Ok, first I'll start by saying I'm not sure if this is should be posted here or somewhere else.... so if this is the wrong place, apologies! I'm considering a move this fall to Turkey with my elderly mother - specifically the Antalya, Fethiye or Alanya areas. I've spent a great amount...
  5. S

    Electricity rise ?

    Hi All, I have just received a message from my management company informing me that the electricity will be going up tomorrow by 9 percent? Anyone else aware of this ? Regards Soulsoles
  6. mollag

    Tourist Rise?

    Maybe just me but more and more I find Hurriyet less and less believable, hopefully I am wrong in this instance. Their article seems to pick up the "paid Telegraph advertorial" as fact, Hmmmm? The British are going back to Turkey ? here's why you should join them British tourists returning to...
  7. simpsons

    Cost Of Holiday in Spain to rise

    It now seems that the Balearic government are going to limit the tourists allowed in the islands. Brits accused of TERRORISM in Spain as bed numbers slashed and tourists intimidated | World | News | Express.co.uk
  8. suzyq

    7.8% tax rise on alcohol

    An additional 7.8 percent special consumption tax has been added for alcoholic beverages in July, automatically in line with Turkey’s producer price index in the first half of the year. The government announced last week that tobacco products would not see any tax hike in the second half of the...
  9. F

    Turkish house sales rise

    Hürriyet Daily News Turkish house sales continue to rise in April with support of ongoing sale campaigns The number of residential properties sold in Turkey surged by 7.6 percent year-on-year in April with the support of ongoing house sale campaigns with lower prices and interest rates, data...
  10. F

    Tourism to Turkey and Egypt

    Tourists returning to Egypt and Turkey, Tour operator Cook says British tour operator Thomas Cook said it expected to hit its full-year operating targets after seeing early signs that tourists were returning to troubled markets Turkey and Egypt. Thomas Cook, which unnerved investors in...
  11. T

    UK Vehicle Tax Rise 2017

    One of Osborne's Car Tax changes is coming into effect in April. If anybody is thinking of buying a new or second hand car this year; read this first. "There is a major change to the rules surrounding Vehicle Excise Duty, also referred to as car tax or road tax, coming in April 2017. Some...
  12. teosgirl

    Property sales slip, but foreign property purchase is on the rise

    Property sales slip as housing loan rates rise - BUSINESS In January, a total of 1,462 properties were sold to foreigners, a 13.4 percent increase from the same period of the previous year, according to the TÜİK data. Citizens from Iraq bought the largest number of houses in Turkey in January...
  13. suzyq

    Donkey prices rise

    Turkish donkey milk producer in the Aegean province of Manisa has taken her search for supplies to the country’s other provinces with local donkeys now being sold for excessive prices due to its popularity. Türkan Eğriboyun, 44, who owns a donkey farm and produces donkey milk in the Akpınar...
  14. MiddleEarth

    The rise of political Islam in Turkey

    The rise of political Islam in Turkey by William Armstrong (A review of The Rise of Political Islam in Turkey: Urban Poverty, Grassroots Activism and Islamic Fundamentalism’ by Kayhan Delibaş (I.B. Tauris, 344 pages, £68) This short review excerpts clearly how the AKP rose to power. Grassroots...
  15. TNT123

    Council Tax Rise

    Anyone payed their Coucil Tax in Alanya or surrounding areas yet.I know someone put on TLF a rate rise I think it was Kusadasi,but Ive just come back from paying my Council Tax. 2013=37tl. 2 payments a year=74tl 2014=38.50tl. 2 payments a year=79tl. 2015=80 tl. 2 payments a year=160tl. 100...
  16. T

    Will the interest rise soon?

    Bank Of England Official Says Time For Interest Rate Rise 'Approaching' (VIDEO)
  17. Mushtaq

    UK House price boom continues with 5.4% nationwide rise

    House price boom continues with 5.4% nationwide rise driven by big increases in the South East and West Midlands. House prices are rising across the UK driven by continued increases in the value of properties in London, the South East and the West Midlands. Homeowners will be encouraged by...
  18. teosgirl

    poverty threshold continues to rise

    ECONOMICS - Poverty threshold continues to rise in Turkey Charlotte
  19. suecheshireuk

    Interest rate rise

    Well, this is a surprise, notice Garanti's interest on savings are creeping up, which is nice, fully expected another drop this month. Sue xx
  20. P

    Gas and electricity prices rise.

    Millions to switch energy firms as British Power and npower announce price rise | Mail Online With these rise coming it's time consumers looked around to change their supplier,its so easy.British gas think that customers won't change their supplier because they think it's too much hassle,it's...
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