1. P

    Foreigners being ripped off in Yalikavak

    I was in Yalikavak Market last Thursday with my friend who is staying with me for few days. As I am recovering from an operation and cannot walk far without sitting down we called in at TURKu Ve Cafe bar on the corner of the fruit market. Between us we had 4 beers and one sprite and the total...
  2. B

    Have we been ripped off?

    Serious Fraud Office set to launch criminal probe into forex rigging - Telegraph BBC News - SFO investigates price rigging in foreign exchange rates Have we all been turned over when changing our currency, or is it just taking place in the major...
  3. S

    Purchasing New Without Getting Ripped Off

    Hello, Just some info for others. After searching the local area for a 3G aerial(no one has them) and 1.5m Satellite dish(was quoted 300TYL) I stumbled upon I found the goods here very competitively price and tried to purchase using a credit card which failed as it was at our UK...
  4. M

    Ripped off - Huyesin Tavaci Akbuk, Didim

    Update on our situation now I have heard from our solicitor. Our villa was auctioned by the bank at the beginning of November 2011 to recover the unpaid debt Huyesin Tavaci took out on it, despite having been paid in full by us for the villa. We had our last court hearing at the end of...
  5. maggie

    Ripped off by Bim.

    I would like to bring to your attention what appears to be a scam in the Bim in Akbuk. There is a newish dark haired young girl on the checkouts. To my knowledge last week she short changed by 10 lira twice to one of my friends . Having been warned this Friday the friend in front of me was short...
  6. M

    Dream Over, ripped off by Huyesin Tavaci of Crystal Homes, Golden Crystal Homes

    As some of you who know us are aware, we have been battling in court for over three years to get our Tapu. I have not put this in the public domain before, as I was advised that our case could be jeopardised. Now, I don’t think it matters any more. We visited Turkey in October 2007 for a two...
  7. S

    toyboy ripped me off?

    Hi My names Big Bertha (53) When I was in England I couldnt get a boyfriend if I chloroformed him but when I went to Turkey I suddenly had lots. I bought my boyfriend (19) a new scooter and also lent him 20k for his cousins nephews neighbours operation to cure his colourblindness. My bf is...
  8. martin m

    Just an idea - how not to get ripped off in Turkey

    Hi all After reading yet another really incredible story as it unfolds this time in akbuk, it appears to me that we are failing as fellow purchasers, or brits, call it what you will, in our attempts to warn off fellow prospective purchasers, to only part with as little money as possible and in...
  9. karios

    Ripped off? contact Governor of Muğla

    I just found this number for anyone who feels they have been ripped off in anyway. I don't know what good it is but gives people a place to vent their frustration i guess. Back in 2009 the The Governor of Muğla carried out a survey carried with a private research company that concluded that...
  10. D

    ripped off by the fish monger in Didim

    bought a nice sea bass last week up in the fish monger just behind the main rd that the mosque is on...charged us 12 Lira, which I thought at the time was a bit steep, but as sea bass are very expensive at home I didn't question it. Bought another one yesterday in Carrefour, which is far from...
  11. yalimart

    Ripped Off In Gundogan

    Following the sale of Dave and Lynnes possessions, they were interviewed by Voices Bodrum Newspaper this is the link to the article that has appeared this week Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Couples' despair as homes are auctioned off For anyone who has any doubts about what can...
  12. Briand

    Burglary front door ripped off

  13. Briand

    Burglary front door ripped off

    We went to kos on Wednesday 16th June to renew our visa,s, before I get to the main story we never told anybody that we was going we never have a set routine for going out, we believe we have been watched over a period of 3 to 4 weeks. About 3 weeks ago Sue and myself sat watching TV ,about 9...
  14. N

    Have you been ripped off?

    Just wondering how many of us have been ripped off buying property in Turkey?
  15. A

    Ripped of in Altinkum website

    Has anyone seen the ripped off website, you can now name and shame your builder emlak or solicitor without divulging your identity. As many people as possible need to name and shame as it will be a good source of information for potential buyers. You can also mention any developers with whom you...
  16. P

    Ripped off in Altinkum website

    Most people have probably now seen the 'Ripped off in Altinkum' website and I certainly get the point and frustration of those people concerned, naming and shaming bad agents/emlaks/builders should be considered a good thing. But upon viewing it recently it seems to me to have become a much...
  17. S

    Ripped Off/ I took the Carolk route

    I have been wanting to tell my story on this forum for a long time, and now I feel the time is right to share my experience with you all. I came here in autumn 2007 looking to buy property with a view to living full time in Turkey. I found the place for me and happily or stupidly parted with...
  18. KKOB

    Food Vendors Get Ripped Off

    He's a story about a couple of foreigners who have apparently ripped off local food vendors in Antalya. Foreign couple rips off local vendors
  19. Ms Who

    Ripped off

    Why is it if you buy something here and you discover someone else got it cheaper from a different shop, you have been "Ripped off" but if you buy something in the UK and someone gets it cheaper in another shop, they just got a better deal than you? The term really pees me off!
  20. S

    Why do I feel we are being ripped off!!

    I have asked for a couple of quotes to build a 'basic' bbq. I was quoted £250 and £350 (a month's wage in Turkey I believe). We were told we needed special fire bricks (yes and I'm Father Christmas). Is it me or are the prices now getting ridiculous because we are British? My hubby has...
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