1. IbrahimAbi

    Southern rip-off

    The North (of England) has been hit hardest by public spending cuts since the coalition government launched its austerity programme, while the South has seen an increase in funds, according to an in-depth study...
  2. Kingfisher

    When is a rip-off not a rip-off?

    Seems to me as if the word "rip-off" is bandied about too easily. In this case: Yahoo! News UK & Ireland - Latest World News & UK News Headlines if they didn't want to pay 16 euros for an ice-cream, then why order them?
  3. oceandream

    Restaurant rip-off - ATMACA in Bodrum

    We had to wait a couple of days near Bodrum during the end of Ramadan ,and each evening went into town for a bite to eat. We had the misfortune to go to the ATMACA restaurant..just down from the Dolmus station,on the RHS going down the street. We each had a doner with chips,and a small...
  4. D

    Warning! Turkcell Ripoff (next to India Gate)

    Just to advise you all of another merchant to avoid: the turkcell shop next to India Gate charged my daughter and her partner 39.99 TL to top up our dongle with 4GB..standard charge as we'd advised them it would cost. Except he didn't top it up! they took it back to the apartment used it for an...
  5. M

    Sigorta Yapi Kredi medical insurance rip-off

    Hi Haven't been on here for a very long time but today I am so upset and angry I feel I must make this public knowledge. If any of you have used Ali Ekber Yurtsever the agent for Yapi Kredi medical insurance PLEASE check to make sure you are covered!! We have used him for the past 3 years...
  6. T

    Thomascook's latest Rip-off

    We were walking past the local ThomasCook outlet 1/2 an hour ago and there on the Window is a poster advertising Turkish Day Boat Trip, 7 hours includes Lunch and Tea with free pick-up in the Bodrum Area. Cost - wait for it. £43 Must be a mistake - surely.
  7. ceemac

    European Visa Rip-Off for Turks

    This is completely unfair. 'My Schengen is my castle: Europe’s visa rules against Turkey For most ordinary Turkish citizens, it is very difficult to get into European Union countries or other countries in Europe just to visit tourist sites or see friends living in those countries for a week...
  8. jcrian

    Profits or Ripoff!!

    From the BBc Website....................... The Eurostar boss said his company had provided "some good news amongst all the doom and gloom". The weakness of the pound against the euro and its new base at the St Pancras International station attracted 10.3% more travellers to Eurostar's...
  9. P

    Pegasus price rip-off?

    so, plenty of threads about cheap flights so i logged onto the Pegasus website to see what they had Started looking good £25 Stanstead to Istanbul and £20 Istanbul to Izmir. Coming back an astounding £10 and £20 looks like Ive found a bargain for Feb next year. but wait! taxes need to be...
  10. B

    Flight Rip-off?

    I wanted to go with my son to our holiday home in Akbuk on the 10th March 2009 from Manchester for 7 days. This was what Aegean Flights quoted...£1182!!! Even allowing for fuel surcharges that's a rip-off. The other flight sites aren't much better. Mel.
  11. adamd

    Goldtrail - Ripoff

    I have just had a look on the link on TL Forum for last minute deals for a flight from Manchester to Bodrum with Goldtrail. 13 May - out 20 May - in Price on website £109 Price on calling £189 Why don’t they start putting correct prices on! Can anyone suggest a better deal?
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