1. Sha Hoorsur

    Riots in Iran

    Mass protests against the government in Iran. Apparently unemployment is running at 60% in some areas. It's only a matter of time before Trump gets the blame.
  2. Yalides

    Religious riots

    Anti-Islam and anti-racism groups clash in the street as rival demonstrations in Melbourne turn ugly and riot and mounted police struggle to maintain control | Daily Mail Online The face of the future ?
  3. M

    Turkish riots

    Just had my builder here in England say that he had heard that there where riots in Icmela have told him most riots outside of the city's are just protest marches but just wondered as the news here in England seems to gloss over a lot of these things
  4. juco

    Riots in 53 Spanish cities

    Going from the info this happened a couple of days ago but I never saw a mention of this on the BBc news. Are they trying to keep this from us? Some serious clashes. - Riots In Spain
  5. B

    Ukraine riots.

    BBC News - Ukraine media decry protest violence I hope that you are not caught up in these disturbances Jaycey. Or even the cause of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill.
  6. Carolyn

    Riots flare in Antakaya following death of student

    Demonstrator's death stirs protests in Turkey - Europe - Al Jazeera English
  7. shirleyanntr

    Turkish protests

    The protests that have been ongoing in Gezi Park İstanbul are finally reaching a wider audience and it may make the world wake up to what is going on here. The protests which started off as a refusal to allow part of Taksim square to be redeveloped for yet another shopping Mall has taken off as...
  8. P

    Fun Pub riots

    We have just returned from a three week family holiday in Dalyan. We frequented many bars and restaurants and experienced everything Dalyan had to offer, which we enjoyed tremendously. Popin was one of the bars that we visited which we ate and drank in. We were treated with courtesy...
  9. V

    Fun Pub riots

    Dalyan's Pop-In Fun Pub was today still closed after riots broke out yesterday afternoon and last night, at one point involving 300 people and 35 jandarma and Molotov cocktails reportedly being thrown. At one stage, Jandrama were firing weapons into the air to try and disperse the crowds. This...
  10. tykatem

    Student Riots Round 2...

    On Wednesday 9th Nov the Students of the country are hold more protests, rumour has it that they will team up with the protesters outside St Pauls, so what will be the outcome?..... Students Prepare For Wednesday's Protest In London Against Tuition Fees | UK News | Sky News Pete
  11. Yogi

    Social Housing partly to blame for UK riots

    Excuses, excuses..stop giving the low-lifes who participated in the riots a get out clause. I wouldn't particulaly want to live on one of these estates but if I did that doesn't give me a valid reason to run riot. --------------- The layout of post-war social housing estates encourages...
  12. giglets

    Police Shot at (11 times) during Birmingham riots.

    Probably more like this to come. BBC News - West Midlands police release new Birmingham riot images
  13. S

    Council's Revenge in wake of Riots

    Riot boy's family is kicked out of home: Suspected looter and his mother are the first to be punished with eviction 'I'm not responsible for my son's actions - what about my human rights?' says Daniel Sartain-Clarke's mother Family served with eviction notice A suspected looter in this week’s...
  14. Firefox

    Riots in Tottenham N17

    It kicked off again in Tottenham last night 25 years down line, after the same area Broadwater farm saw a 29 year old Blackman father of 4 being shot dead by the Met-Police. 25 years ago these riots concluded by the Murder of PC Keith Blakelock resulting in a Blackman being fit-up Winston...
  15. S

    Riots in Belgium for Kurdish problem

    Last days there have been several riots by young Turks.... First there were riots against Armenians , very tasteless and coarse and yesterday we had riots against the Kurds, young Turks were demolishing cars, shop windows (of Kurdish shops) and in this way trying to express their "sympathy"...
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