1. KKOB

    Blackberry Ringtones

    Today, I discovered a ring tone on my Blackberry called Ninja. Excitedly, I changed it to my text alert. A few minutes later I heard it go off, but couldn't find my phone. Well played Ninja Blackberry, well played. :dooh:
  2. peter the postie

    Free ringtones, wallpapers, & games

    All have been checked and are safe :D 25,000 Wallpapers of varying sizes... http://www.klubsonyericsson.pl/download/tapety.rar 2675 128x128 Wallpapers... http://www.nokmodz.com/600%20Wallpapers%20ZIP1.zip (PART 1) http://www.nokmodz.com/696%20Wallpapers%20ZIP2.zip (PART 2)...
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