1. bickern

    Domestic violence rings alarm bells

    She is neither a celebrity nor a prominent politician, but a bodyguard escorts Nahide Opuz at every step, even at the supermarket, to fend off a menace that has proved lethal: her ex-husband. The 39-year-old mother of two is the first Turkish woman to have a government-funded bodyguard...
  2. B

    Puzzle Rings

    Hey guys, first time poster here and I need a bit of help please. My wife are going to be in Kusadasi for a stop on our med cruise. We only have a few hours to spare and have to be efficient with our time. From my understanding, puzzle rings are a popular ring in Turkey. My dad brought some...
  3. DtB

    Turkish Puzzle Rings

    Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the Swinging Sixties I bought a silver so-called "Turkish Puzzle Ring" in Portobello Road. They were very in in them days............... For some reason I presumed that when I went out to Turkey I would find these rings being sold but have never seen even one. Do...
  4. K

    Web Rings?

    Can someone please explain what is a Web Ring and how does it work? Are they just all part of a similar link on a similar subject? Are there any charges to be part of Web Rings? Sounds like Something out of Wagner's Ring Cycle? :lol: Is there any benefit to being part of a Web Ring?
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