1. sandpearse

    Advert when ringing Turkcell number-how to stop it??

    Hiya, I am hoping someone may have had the same problem so can therefore help. I got a new Turkcell number the other week, and when someone calls me, there is music playing, actually the Turkcell advert, until I answer the phone. Apart from the music being annoying, a few friends have thought...
  2. E

    Phone keeps ringing

    For the past couple of days I keep getting phone calls to my fixed line. I pick it up and nobody answers nor is there a sound of someone putting down the phone. The only person who knows my number is my mother and the phone rings until I answer it and stops as soon as I pick it up. I really feel...
  3. P

    best time for ringing home ?

    :eyeye: Hello me again with, yes, another question :crazy: Is there a cheap rate for :307bt: to the another country ? I know in UK we had cheaper calls say after 6pm and all weekend .Is it the same here? many thanks all for your help and advice :)
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