1. bickern

    European Convention on Human Rights

    UK ready to QUIT European Convention on Human Rights which has blocked deportation of dangerous foreign criminals, setting up row with the EU and within Tory ranks. Government source says that the UK 'will uphold human rights in our way' Dominic Cummings last year branded current system...
  2. Tenpin

    Turkey's top court says Wikipedia ban is violation of rights

    Turkey's top court says Wikipedia ban is violation of rights - Turkey News Turkey’s Constitutional Court ruled against the ban on access to Wikipedia, saying that it violates rights and freedoms. The decision was taken on Dec. 26 by the General Assembly of the Constitutional Court for...
  3. E

    Human rights investigators denied visa,s to USA

    https://www.wral.com/us-to-revoke-visas-for-international-criminal-court-staff/18261585/ Seems the human rights investigators are not happy the States won't let them investigate their troops. Probably been watching what happens here.
  4. bickern

    France's niqab ban 'violates' human rights

    France'a ban on the niqab has been ruled a violation of human rights, The U.N. Human Rights Committee said on Tuesday. In a landmark ruling the UN moved to support wearers of the full-body Islamic veil and ordered France to repay two French women convicted for wearing niqabs in 2012. The...
  5. S

    A human rights issue

    So got the spa/ hot tub up and running and despite my hard graft in serious heat to get it firing on all cylinders the big girl announces a hot tub diktat No floating free in the tub!!!!! I would like to think I would get messages of support from right across the TLF family against the big...
  6. mollag

    UK Fishing rights

    Want to know why our fishing industry is so poorly represented? Maybe our MEP on the fishing panel not attending for years has something to do with it ? He took the wages but didnt feel like the work, when named and shamed he brays like the Ass he is. Farage as he really is, has no problem with...
  7. S

    Human rights activist-sanity prevails

    Dogan Akhanli: Spain grants Erdogan critic conditional release - BBC News
  8. bickern

    Now get us out of the human rights too

    Back in April, when she was still in favour of Britain staying in the EU, Theresa May gave a speech in which she said even if we voted to Remain it wouldn’t prevent us pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights. Now that we’ve voted to Leave, what’s she waiting for? If Mother...
  9. S

    Husbands rights, to my savings following marriage?

    Any advice, please? When I marry my Turkish boyfriend, what rights will he then have to any savings or property that are currently held in my name, either in Turkey or the UK? (My Mum has heard that under Turkish law, anything I own will automatically become his when we marry, and is worried...
  10. S

    Property Rights after a divorce

    My sister wishes to get a divorce from her abusive husband. I have some questions about her situation and I would be grateful for any answers. She married him nine years ago. During that time she bought an apartment. The apartment is in her name as she paid for it with her money. She lives in...
  11. B

    President Putin and Gay rights.

    Sir Elton: I'll try to influence Putin's gay rights attitude - BBC News I suspect that Elton John could be wasting his time, even if he manages to get these talks with President Putin. Bill.
  12. J

    Consumer rights in Turkey

    Does anyone know where I can find out my consumer rights? I bought an electrical item (mixer/chopper) from a local store less than a year ago. It has a 3 year warranty, but the store says I have to pay for the new part. They say the motor still works, but the part that's broken is not covered.
  13. T

    Turkish protests about rights for women

    Images of women protesting in Turkey Female protesters in Turkey - Telegraph Another article http://globalvoicesonline.org/2014/11/25/as-turkish-women-struggle-for-freedom-from-violence-their-president-tells-them-give-up-on-equality/
  14. S

    EU Human Rights Court supports French Niqab

    Bravo bravo - the wearing of the niqab in most cases is a political statement rather than being a religious requirement. BBC NEWS " The European Court of Human Rights has upheld a ban by France on wearing the Muslim full-face veil - the niqab. A case was brought by a 24-year-old French...
  15. T

    Voting rights

    I have read a lot about politics in Turkey on this forum and wondered how many TLF members are eligible to vote or not as the case may be. Are you eligible to vote in Turkish elections? I don't have voting rights, My husband does.
  16. B

    Human Rights Act.

    UK Supreme Court should have final say on human rights cases, not Strasbourg, says Chris Grayling - Telegraph At last somebody recognises that there are times when the Human Rights Act does not act in the UK's interest...
  17. Kingfisher

    ‘Even’ atheists’ rights to be protected

    "Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said his government will “even” protect the rights of atheists, vowing to avoid segregation based on both religion and ethnicity." POLITICS - ?Even? atheists? rights to be protected: Turkish PM This should reassure some people on here...
  18. Yalides

    Human rights abberation.

    Triple murderer Arthur Hutchinson becomes first Briton to challenge his 'life means life' sentence | Mail Online Should have hung the scum in the first place. He aint got any human rights.
  19. teosgirl

    Important Tapu changes - rights by marriage?

    Tapuda büyük de?i?iklik - Milliyet It hasn't hit the English language news as far as I know. This basically states that if you can prove you are married by producing a marriage certificate at the tapu office, you can claim rights to a property which is in your husbands name, and a note will...
  20. suzyq

    Jailing Britain's most notorious murderers forever breaches THEIR human rights, Europ

    Are these judges's mad. There is no mentioned of the cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment the victims went through before they were murdered or what their families went through. Ordering Britain's most notorious murderers to spend the rest of their lives behind bars breaches their human...
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