1. McB

    Ride Share Istanbul to Bulgaria

    Near the end of this month in about ten days Im meeting a friend in Istanbul for a couple of days, and then we are heading back up to visit with him in his place in Bulgaria in Plovdiv for a couple of days... and instead of taking the bus we thought to ask if there is anyone in Istanbul that may...
  2. bashful

    Flood, fire, famine and pestilence: Four Horsemen ride.

    Are we living through the Biblical prophesy?
  3. D

    Of a tractor ride home.

    The Old Groaner In the middle of last week we had occasion to scrounge a lift home from our nearest town. We hadn't done so for a while but we assumed that the normal pick-up points would be unchanged so walked with our shopping to the appropriate corner shop and waited. Sure enough after only...
  4. D

    A turkish friend plans to ride his m'c up thru Europe and...

    İ wonder the border position on the route back to the uk from Turkey....he plans to ride as a holiday and finish by a tour in the uk ....will the borders be closed due to the migrant problems ?....he is organising it all for himself and just asking me about visas etc....but i wondered...
  5. G

    My New Ride

    My new toy...Mini John Cooper Works...decided to get this as 1.6 is easier on the running costs in Turkey re tax etc...was looking at an S3 but this won. Car has 5000 miles on it. Was bought as a strictly weekend only toy by the previous owner...he had to sell it luckily for me. Car has had a...
  6. arrian

    London to Paris cycle ride

    i'm hoping there are some professional/serious/experienced cyclists out there that can give lots of advice to my grandaughter, who is planning on doing the London to Paris cycle ride in September, in aid of the Christie charity. i did find an article which said about what type of bike, how to...
  7. Harem

    London to Brighton Cycle Ride (Soo).

    (Mods: If somebody else has already posted this, please remove this one, thank you) Chris, Soo's husband, is going to take part in the London to Brighton Cycle ride in aid of breast cancer. He said: "İ will be doıng this ride for Soo and all those that suffer this terrible condition. Please...
  8. willip

    daredevil flying in China- enjoy the ride

    Chinese Scenes
  9. bickern

    Longest Alpine ride with no brakes

    Longest Alpine Coaster (Imst) - no brakes! - YouTube
  10. B

    London to Brighton Bike Ride

    Best of luck Terry tomorrow, for this very deserving cause for the heart foundation , love Bebs x
  11. Andy

    August Joke Thread

    Three friends from the local congregation were asked, 'When you're in your casket, and friends and congregation members are mourning over you, what would you like them to say?' Artie said: 'I would like them to say I was a wonderful husband, a fine spiritual leader, and a great family man.'...
  12. M

    Horse & Carriage Ride

    Something abit different for Yalikavak, down near Musti's Restaurant you will find Mustafa and his Horse & Carriage. I took my little girl on it last night for a short ride and she absoloutly loved it. The carriage is very comfortable and a very smooth ride . The horse is well looked after,and...
  13. paddington bear

    Bargain Taxi Ride

    I thought some of you may like to hear about my bargain taxi ride and getting one over on the Taxi drivers. My sister and family have been visiting us for a few days and we were in Antique Side a couple of nights ago. We were outside the ampitheatre and were unable to get near the tractor...
  14. P

    Can you over ride your POA?

    Hi all I'm sure you will have the answer but can we over ride our POA? Due to lack of contact and trust we are due to make a final payment and our funds are already in Turkey, can we over ride this? :132lm:
  15. E

    Ride to airport in izmir mon 9th march

    Hello, I am flying on BA2671 on Monday 9th March to attend a funeral. The flight departs at 17.45 so looking to be there around 15.45 - is there anybody out there going too? I am very happy to contribute towards petrol costs. Call me please on 0538 529 2231.
  16. S

    Charity Bike Ride

    Jack has tried to register to post this himself but to no avail. Hope you don't mind me posting this on his behalf. Any questions please PM me and I will pass them on until he can register. Our neighbour in Yalikavak, Jack Davies, will be taking part in a challenging charity bike ride in...
  17. andrewmcdonald

    Almost got taken for a ride!

    Land We have now decided to purchase a plot of land to build on. It is located between Bodrum and the airport. Andrew
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