1. Jaycey

    How Spain gets rid of stupid people

  2. Harem

    Getting rid of Bing as my home page

    Just updated myself to Windows 7 and whilst downloading a programme stupidly didn't look to see what else I was letting myself in for. Consequently I now have Bing as my homepage/search, which I do not want, but can't see how to get rid of it. I have tried going into Control Panel and Internet...
  3. paddington bear

    Getting rid of Buzz words

    Can anyone help please as I'm not over computer literate. I use google chrome and I keep getting ads by Buzz words all over the screen. Does anyone please know how to get rid of these for good as they are bloody annoying!!! Sue
  4. paddington bear

    What do you regret getting rid of

    I was wondering what things other forum members have got rid of before moving out to Turkey and then regretting it as it was either not obtainable, expensive or of a lesser quality. I regret getting rid of a lot of my baking tins, smoothie maker and pillows. I'm glad I brought my food...
  5. ted j

    Get rid of facebook timeline

    Get rid of timeline Facebook is supposed to be rolling out the crap Timeline this weekend Everybody will get it wanted or not (not, in most cases). It's cluttered, ugly looking and not well thought out at all So here's how to disable it (This doesn't delete it, it just lets you view...
  6. D

    getting rid of bats!!!

    any advice for how to persuade them that a top roof corner behind a waste pipe from the terrace above is not a permenant nest? have just arrived back and they / it ? has taken up residence. i thought it was bird droppings all over the floor...wondered wh they were plain black pellets though...
  7. D

    getting rid of lisas wrinkles

    does anybody have a web site address for a doctor/ surgery for botox in altinkum as we have heard a lot cheaper than uk its for lisa not me !!! regards lisa
  8. P

    Getting rid of a virus

    Not the kind of virus that gets in the PC, but the stinking cold type that attacks your head and nose and leaves you with aching joints and feeling generally ****** off! I got this 'virus' about 8 weeks ago, it goes away for a week or so and then attacks again with a vengence. In short, I'm...
  9. S

    Help - How to get rid of mould

    Hi, does anyone have any tips for getting rid of mould on curtains. Just wondered if anyone had a miracle solution to wash curtains in to get rid of mould that has been caused by condensation on inside of windows. Would appreciate any suggestions.
  10. P

    how do i get rid of this?

    this message comes on when my computer is idle for a while.can anyone help? RUNTIME ERROR PROGRAM:C:\WINDOWS\LIVING\~SCR this application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way please contact the application support team for more information
  11. immac

    How to get rid of this?

    Somehow a Popup Blocker, designed by a company called MIRAR, has installed itself on my computer. It appears as a tool bar. I didn't ask for it and I don't want it. It does not show on prog files; uninstall (on XP) does not see it; there is no uninstall button on the Mirar toolbar. How do I get...
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