1. 4rickshaw

    Ricks Poems

    I don't know what to tell my heart The reason you're not here I can't control the pounding Of the pain the sorrow the fear My heart says that you love me My mind says that's not true We shared the laughter and the pain Have i the strength to go through it again The days and weeks pass as we...
  2. 4rickshaw

    Aye up Ricks back

    Hi all...ok who said...OH NO RICKS BACK lol
  3. R

    ricks mutterings

    Hi all,first time here so bear with me.Me an the missus are off to Cyprus on 6th Oct,we were seriously thinking of retiring there,then i starting trawling around the Turkey websites looking at property,woweeeeeee dont you get a lot for your money lol.Well i think thats buggered the Cyprus move...
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