1. Tenpin

    New way of cooking rice removes arsenic and retains mineral nutrients

    New way of cooking rice removes arsenic and retains mineral nutrients, study shows. https://phys.org/news/2020-11-cooking-rice-arsenic-retains-mineral.amp Cooking rice in a certain way removes over 50 percent of the naturally occurring arsenic in brown rice, and 74 percent in white rice...
  2. gally


    Hi, can anyone please tell me if there is an equivalent turkish version of Easy Cook Rice? I know in the UK my wife gets the likes of Tesco Easy Cook Rice or similar, basically boil a pan of water, throw in the rice, simmer for 25 mins and voila! I also know she's tried many times to cook...
  3. paddington bear

    Ground Rice

    Can anyone please tell me if Pirinc Unu (rice flour) is the same as ground rice? If not, can you get ground rice here in Turkey? I am wanting ground rice for making bakewell tarts as I have nearly used up all my ground almonds which seem unobtainable here. Sue
  4. S

    Types of rice

    Hi, can anyone tell me difference between the rice in turkey? There is baldo, osmancik, etc. I'm looking for rice commonly served in Chinese restaurants. Is glutinous rice available? Pls advise. TQ
  5. J

    rice pud

    I have mastered how to cook rice for my savoury meals now I would like to have a bash at good old rice pudding for these wet and miserable evenings!! Thanks in anticipation......::blowkiss:
  6. S

    Cheesecloth and sweet rice flour...

    Hi, does anyone know if I can find cheese cloth and sweet rice flour in turkey? I live in Ankara... Thanks!
  7. Lyndsey

    Rice Pudding

    I realise I may be teaching Granny to suck eggs here but thought it may be helpful to somebody? Serves 4 Ingredients: 150g Rice (I use "Baldo Pirinc" in Turkey) 1.5 litres of full cream milk 60g Sugar (you may wish to add more to the end result) Large handful of sultanas 1 teaspoon of good...
  8. turkishknashers

    my cooking rice method

    i thought i would post this as quite a few people have trouble cooking it successfully including myself until i got an ass. chefs job in a college! i told the chef i could cook everything except rice & he taught me how, so i thought i'd share with you two methods that work for me basic rice...
  9. Peaceplant

    Left-over Rice Fritters

    This is a fun way to use up left over rice and it is anything goes. Crumble the rice through your fingers to unstick any lumps. Sling in whatever you fancy - left over veggies, chopped onions, grated cheese. Season anyway you like - garlic, cumin, curry powder, turmeric, salt, pepper. Wet the...
  10. W

    Pudding rice

    I want to make a rice pudding but don't know what "pudding" rice is called in Turkey. Can anyone help please? x
  11. newhorizon

    Basmati rice (& spices!)

    I cook quite a bit of Indian food and wondered if you can buy basmati rice in Altinkum? Last time I was over couldn't find any basmati rice so bought the normal, rounded thicker kind. Should I be looking at bringing a 5Kg bag over? :) I also had problem finding indian spices apart from...
  12. Sunny Seasider

    The Rice Mother - Rani Manicka

    Another good read of mine, this book tells the story of one remarkable woman in twentieth century Malaysia. It is a story of laughter and loss, love and betrayal, exploitation and degradation; one where religion and superstition walk hand in hand and where ghosts and gods are equally...
  13. L

    rice pudding please

    help does anyone know what sort of rice to buy for rice pudding in turkey as there is so much different rice and i end up buying the wrong one .would the recipe be the same as english rice pudding? thank you:hearnoevi
  14. C

    Helen Rice where is she?

    Looking for Helen Rice aged early 50's from Belfast where she ran a small catering company. Last heard of in Altinkum in May. Her friends in Belfast are concerned that they haven't heard from her. Had a Turkish friend who used to work at Little Britain but we don't know his name. Any...
  15. Bahar

    Tomatoes & Rice - Silly Question

    Hi Everyone I have a bit of silly question so don't laugh. When ever I go into Migros or the like I can never find tinned chopped tomatoes. Do chopped tomatoes exist in Turkey and what is the turkish name for them? I have tried several different cans of tomatoes in tins but none are the...
  16. Mushtaq

    Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice

    Ingredients Tomatoes 15 pc Rice 250 gr Olive oil 220 gr Onions 3 pc Dried mint 1 teaspoon Parsley 1 small bunch Chopped 2 pc Tomato paste 1/2 tablespoon Salt Procedure 1- Cut tops off tomatoes. Scoop insides out and set aside. 2- In a small saucepan, place half of the olive...
  17. Mushtaq

    Rice Soup

    Ingredients Rice 1 tea glass Beef stock or water 1.5 lt Tomatoes 2 large Butter or margarine 2 tablespoons Salt 2 pc Procedure Preparing : 1- Cook rice in beef stock until very soft, add salt. 2- In a small frypan saute tomaotes in butter until soft. 3- Add tomatoes to rice and stock...
  18. Mushtaq

    pilav (steamed sauted rice )

    Yield: 6 servings 2 tb Butter 4 tb Butter; melted 1 c Rice, white; long or medium ;grain, uncooked 2 c Chicken stock; fresh or can 1/2 ts Salt Black pepper; freshly ground Procedure In a heavy 2 to 3 quart saucepan, melt the...
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