1. Tenpin

    Gary Rhodes Chef and TV presenter dies aged 59

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/entertainment-arts-50570852 Gary Rhodes, the celebrity chef known for his spiky hair and passion for British cuisine, has died aged 59. According to a family statement, he died on Tuesday "with his beloved wife Jennie by his side". "The Rhodes family are deeply...
  2. B

    pet WITH VALID EU PET PASSPORT from Turkey to Rhodes

    Please, has anyone taken a dog or cat WITH A VALID EU PET PASSPORT (ie an animal previously brought in from an EU country to Turkey) on the ferry from either Fethiye or Marmaris to Rhodes? Other than the EU passport, did you need any papers, such as a third country certificate please? Or if...
  3. L

    Rhodes to Datca

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has ever travelled from Rhodes airport to Datca. I can't find any direct ferries and going from Rhodes to Mamaris to Dacta seems like a huge hassle. Thanks, Laura
  4. M

    Ferry from Altinkum to Kos or Rhodes in the Summer

    Hi, does anyone know if they are still doing the ferry from Altinkum to Kos or Rhodes? Looking to do this in the summer. I know Bodrum is doing it but just wondered about Altinkum. Thanks
  5. P

    Rhodes or Kos??

    We would like to take a day trip to either Rhodes or Kos while we are in Bodrum in June. Which is the better of the two trips and if anyone has any experiences they would like to share? Also can we just buy a ticket at the port or do we need to buy from an agent? Thanks
  6. T

    From Istanbul to Rhodes in Oct/Nov 2013

    I am planning a trip where I want to leave from Istanbul on 28 October and get to Rhodes and then maybe to Kos before returning for a few days in Istanbul. There don't seem to be any direct flights and I cannot find out if the ferries from Marmaris are still running in November. This is such...
  7. J


    My friend and I are off to Rhodes for the day next week (thank you work!). I know nothing about it really, but been told the old town is good (will get that info from Internet) and some good shops for food treats. Can anyone give me info on: Easy way to get around. Food shops - how to get to...
  8. immac

    New RoRo Marmaris to Rhodes

    From World Bulletin: First Ro-Ro trip held between Marmaris and Rhodes | Economy | World Bulletin First Ro-Ro trip was held between Marmaris and Rhodes on Saturday(24 March). Ro-Ro ship of a Greek company, which departed from Greek Rhodes Island, has arrived in Marmaris Port in...
  9. G

    Bodrum - Rhodes return ferry in April?

    Hi all, I’m flying over to Bodrum second week of April for 2 weeks. I’m hoping to go to Rhodes for a week and my hotel in Rhodes will want specific reservation dates. Do you know if there are any ferries and price operating at this time of year? I bought a Bodrum - Kos return ticket a...
  10. M

    Rhodes to Marmaris ferry

    Has anyone travelled on the ferry with a dog - either way ? The Blue Guide people say "the requirements are the same as for travel in EU. In addition the dog must wear a mask to ensure the comfort of other passengers" I just wanted to ask if anyone had any experience as it might be easier to do...
  11. Shaun & Sharron

    Rhodes Ferry

    Hi Everyone we're thinking of taking the ferry trip over to Rhodes next month and would really appreciate the in-site from any of you who have tried it - to see what you thought. Many thanks in advance Shaun :thanks:
  12. kaplumba

    Catamaran from Rhodes

    I read in today's Hurriyet that from 1st May there will be a ferry every Saturday from Rhodes - Symi - Datca with a capacity of 500 people. I know that in previous years there was one from Simi but I hadn't realised it also came from Rhodes although I realise there is a regular Symi - Rhodes...
  13. N

    Visa run to Rhodes

    Hiya all, as visas are apparently back to 3month renewal I plan to do a visa run to Rhodes from Fethiye ın mıd september. As thıs ıs my fırst trıp, I dont really want to go alone - ıf anyone else ıs plannıng a run around thıs tıme and wouldnt mınd beıng followed around by a strange brummy...
  14. millilove76

    A Bad (Rhodes) Trip!!

    I went to Rhodes yesterday for a daytrip, didn't need a visa just thought it would be a nice day out...how wrong i was!! The day started ok, got up on time and boarded the boat. It was the first catamaran of the year so thought it would be an hour to get there. ....and thats when the fun began...
  15. P

    advice on ferries to rhodes

    Hi folks. We have some American friends coming in May and are taking them to Turunc for a few days. While there I would like to take them to Rhodes as it would enable us to renew our visa and allow them to get a taster of Greece. Has anyone the no for a travel agent in Marmaris that does these...
  16. millilove76

    Driving to Turkey via Rhodes

    Hi, i know there are many threads regarding driving to and from Turkey. I have had a quick look through them but can only find people coming in from Italy to Izmir. I am planing to drive over in late September...i attempted it once before but had to turn back half way (i was 7 months pregnant...
  17. S

    ferry from rhodes

    can anyone help is there a ferry or hyrofoil to didim from rhodes or is it only to bodrum

    Rhodes Ferry

    Think i'm gonna give this a bash when we are out next. Am i better booking on line or just turning up at Fethiye for the ferry to Rhodes. Do any of you know prices, 65 euros per person return on line just wondered if that was an average price. Cheers, Jeannie :3:
  19. Lindy

    Marmaris > Rhodes info required

    We're thinking of going of going over to Rhodes this month for our visa trip. We'll be going from Marmaris as the Fethiye ferry isn't running yet. Has anyone got any info on the Marmaris > Rodos ferry service e.g. times etc. and also can anyone recommend either a hotel in Marmaris with car...
  20. B

    Lidl in Rhodes? - yes!

    Can't remember who was asking if there's a Lidl supermarket in Rhodes, yes according to this article on Google. I haven't been there yet but will do next visa trip. :504xn: If you drive towards Rhodes Town you’ll see plenty of other large supermarkets including a Lidl which is on the main...
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