1. newhorizon

    Good news! Iranian Lawyer reunited with family!

    Iranian lawyer reunited with his wife and 7 year old daughter today see the moment here:- Her gjenforenes familien etter flukten - VG Nett om Iran now same on youtube Now other news reports have been published on this mother & daughter fleeing Iran now they have safley landed in Norway...
  2. KKOB

    Sold - Friends Reunited

    ITV has announced the sale of its Friends Reunited business as it reported a £105 million half-year loss. ITV sells Friends Reunited for £25m - Yahoo! News UK
  3. bickern

    Forces Reunited the British Armed Forces Community

    This is a cut and paste from Forces Reunited the British Armed Forces Community Red Friday Last week I was in West London attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed...
  4. lorraine

    New forum friends re-united.

    Anew forum is open in "The Meeting Place" Friends Re-united. Lost Friends A place to get help tracking down people you have lost contact with. Thanks Mushtaq.
  5. Carolyn

    Friends Re-united?

    Hi there. I suggested this forum so thought I should kick it off! My husband and I made friends with a barman who was working in the Bodrum area some ten years ago. We kept in touch and met up regularly for a few years when we went back to the area but sadly lost touch over the years. Wonder if...
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