1. juco

    Flight returned 2/5/13 to Gatwick

    I see the flight from gatwick to dalaman took off around 8 ish this morning and then had to return to gatwick, Will be a shortened holiday for some unlucky people.
  2. arrian

    Turkish brooch returned

    illegally excavated in 1965, the 2,500 year old brooch is finally being returned to Turkey. Stolen 2,500 year brooch which was sold to pay off gambling debts and replaced with a fake to be returned to Turkey | Mail Online
  3. N

    Splodge has returned.

    Great news,splodge the friendly street dog has shown up after 2 weeks of alot of people worrying about her.Its not known where she has been yet but good news shes back with the lady who looks after her xx
  4. C

    Recently returned member - Hi

    Hi - just returned to these forums after a short break and just wanted to say Hi.
  5. R

    Views of Ex Pats who have returned to the UK

    Not sure if this is the correct sub forum but with the growing number of expats who, having lived in Turkey for some years, are now returning to the UK , or other destinations including Bulgaria. Just interested to discover how they have found the re-integration to the UK lifestyle. What are...
  6. bobthenob

    Returned with Hope

    Greetings all, l have been off line for some time now because of certain issues needed to be sorted out in my life.l flew out to England to find out certain info l am entitled to and also the possibilities of starting up again as a self employed business venture. l have been to the C.A.B for the...
  7. MIKE P

    Just Returned From Karia Student Residence

    :noidea: :noidea: JUST RETURNED FROM KARIA STUDENT RESIDENCE :ballchain We were very dissapointed to find 50/60 students have now moved into the two blocks next to us, and some also living in our block?? We have had to contend with nowhere to meet/eat/drink/socialise. Power/water failures...
  8. G

    just returned from Akbuk

    I landed at Bodrum at 2.55am , I used Gordion for my transfer excellent service cold water on the bus ,a stop at a market for milk water etc and then a stop at a bakery for bread, great start to a holiday I thought but as I was paying the driver my keys fell out of my purse down a hole never to...
  9. I

    Just Returned from Turgutreis

    Hi We have just returned from two weeks in our apartment in Turgutreis so this is how we got on. Flight: Onur Air from Manchester - excellent. We had heard a few things about them but everything was fine - outward and return. We would have no problem flying with them again. Car Hire: Arrived...
  10. PDM

    Just returned from Dalaman

    Just got home from a fantastic 2 week break in Dalaman. The weather for the first 3 days was heavy rain showers. But after that passed the weather got steadily better. Saw the Storks up on the Mosque roof when we went to the market last thursday. Went to Bodrum for the first weekend to visit...
  11. B

    just returned after purchasing new home

    :36: :36: :splat: :music: just returned home late sunday night after a nice two weeks in altinkum, purchased an apartment, paid two much for some things as usual on holiday and got hassled by restaurant owners who lost my trade as i may have ate in their restaurant if they gave me peace to...
  12. sunshine

    Just Returned Home.

    Hi all, We have just got home after 5 glorious weeks in Altinkum and got straight on the net looking at the best deals to get us back out there next april. As some of you are aware we went out to finalise the purchase of a two bed two bath two balcony apartment in didim,up behind the market. And...
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