1. H


    Hello Everyone I would like to thank everyone for their time and efforts posting and answering peoples questions. My question is for me and my wife would like to retire in Alanya and would like to know where is a good area with all amenities to buy. Does anyone had a dealing with Multivilla...
  2. beyazbayan

    Brits Retiring abroad

    Weak pound and high cost of living: Why retiring abroad is now branded 'a luxury' with some popular destinations even pricier than the UK •Living abroad 'no longer an option for average Briton' say experts •France and Cyprus both almost as expensive at the UK •Canada and New Zealand living...
  3. N

    Retiring to Turkey

    Hey guys, another post on behalf of my mother. She and I both know very little about retirement for British citizens to be honest and the information is soooo spread out, so am hoping someone can help her with their experience and knowledge. She is 60 years old, currently working as a shop...
  4. TNT123

    Retiring at Last

    Hi everyone.My first visit to your forum and I am impressed to say the least.My wife and myself have owned an appartment in Oba across from Alanum for 7 yrs now.We are retiring out to Alanya in Oct to live.We have been coming to Alanya now for 20 yrs holidaying at differant hotels mainly the...
  5. A&P

    Retiring to Side

    Hi. We are planning on retiring to the Side region in approx 18 months and are seeking advice, tips and information about the area and life in general. We are doing our online research, but think that gaining knowledge from 'locals' and members from this site will be invaluable. We are...
  6. S


    What are people doing in terms of their tax if they have left to permanently live in Turkey upon retirement/pension. Are you leaving yourself an address in the UK and being taxed by the UK or are you completing the form to say you have left the UK and will be taxed by Turkey? Your views would...
  7. edeller

    Retiring to Turkey

    With the budget and all today, sparks more conversations amongst my friends and family about "rip off Britain", blah, blah. Im not a political animal but I do resent high taxes especially for those on low incomes. In fact I dont like taxes at all lol! Now I'm single again with no husbands...
  8. ceemac

    Bureaucracy, Red Tape & Legalities to Contend With When Retiring Abroad

    There are many things that will cross your mind as you begin to plan your retirement abroad – from where you will live to what type of home you will be able to afford, from how much it will cost to move to how much you will enjoy your new life in the sunshine overseas. However, one of the...
  9. ceemac

    Retiring to Turkey

    This article is two years old, and still very much relevant although prices have increased a bit in Turkey due to various factors. It's called 'Am I Mad to Retire to Turkey?' and you can read it here. C
  10. A

    retiring to Turkey

    hoping to retire to Turkey within the next 18 months. We are not rich people but we have a bit put by and hoping that the monthly interest will see us through. I know this is a difficult question to ask but asking advice of those who live in Turkey. Approx how much would you say would be needed...
  11. Spike

    No more retiring to Turkey?

    When this goes ahead, I wonder how long it will be before Turkey applies the recoprocity principle and bang goes our retirement plans. I'm worried - anyone else?
  12. A

    Retiring To Akbuk

    Hi We are Andrew and Judi and are looking to retire to AKBUK. We currently live in the East Midlands in the UK in a small village called Brinsley. We have our property on the market for sale (can't wait for a buyer to come along). We are coming out in September (26th) to look at properties in...
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