1. T

    Living abroad when you retire advice

    I thought this might help people thinking about retiring abroad. Is your overseas retirement doomed to financial disaster? - AOL Money UK :504xn:
  2. Jaycey

    Do you really want to retire in Turkey?

    OK, some poor sods have grafted all their lives in a job they didn’t enjoy and maybe others are content to sit around and do nothing. I’ve been lucky and always enjoyed my ‘work’ and retirement is a bit like hitting a brick wall at speed. The problem in Turkey is that ‘officially’ we are not...
  3. Lez Zetli

    Top 10 best countries to retire to

    ... according to Yahoo! Finance UK, see HERE I bet you're wondering where Turkey came :)
  4. Rosemary1234

    Where to retire around Alanya area

    Hi Everyone.........Looking for advice on where to retire to, maybe in the Alanya area, recently retired and am on my own, looking for somewhere reasonably quiet in a residential area but with a ex-pat community, I know I would have to come visit any recommended areas but it would help with...
  5. jaimie

    Told I can't retire

    Have just today been hit with the fantastic news they won't let me go until I'm 55. Call me Mr. fed up or what, was previously told I could go in July. Oh well Turkey on hold now for another 5 yrs:censored::angry::mad:
  6. A

    Can I retire?

    Hi. Myself and my husband are lucky enough to have retired in our mid forties and would love to live in the Gocek area of Turkey. Does anybody have any advice on whether we would be allowed to settle in Turkey permanently and if so where we would start. Many thanks
  7. ceemac

    The 5 Cheapest Countries To Retire To

    Turkey's one of them and the comments are interesting. Do you agree with the analysis? "We are so often asked our advice or simply our opinion about where in the world someone can retire to cheaply. However, cheap is such a relative term. Cheap for you could be expensive for me, and so I...
  8. ceemac

    Can I retire through the Turkish pension system?

    'Today, I want to respond to a question about Turkish social-security applications. The question comes from Terry, who asks: “Dear Orhan, I have been working in Turkey with a work permit since June 2008. I am not a Turkish citizen and I am registered with the pension system in my own country...
  9. ceemac

    5 Reasons Not To Retire Abroad

    This article is an attempt to bring a little balance to the commonly held perception that most of us (except Terry heheh), would leave the UK in a flash to live abroad. It explains why living abroad is not for everyone and never is that more potentially true than if you're facing retirement. C
  10. P

    How easy is it to retire to Turkey - whats involved etc,etc

    I Have just been on the Turkish Immigration site ; Its states that 90 days is the normal for British Visits , If you want to stay longer appears you have like a list of things and send your passport away with proof of pension ( I am only 49 no pension yet ? ) and stuff is this easy ? and once...
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