1. hayabusa

    Corona Restrictions in Koycegiz....

    Can anyone update me on Corona restrictions in Koycegiz and surrounding areas ?...... I am looking to travel soon there and just want to know and be aware of. Is COVID on a downward trend in Turkey ?, can’t be the same as UK.....
  2. C

    Help Please on Travel restrictions

    My daughter has a 7 day visit which is her last chance to see us between finishing her dissertation and starting her new job and she was due to come visit us in Turkey She has heard a roomer that the minimum period of travel to Turkey is 14 days?? I have searched and cant find anything to back...
  3. G

    Water Restrictions in Didim and Akbuk

    There are two pools in our complex. The main pool has been filled this year but the smaller one for villa owners has not. I'm told this is due to water restrictions. Is this true?
  4. mollag

    Laptop restrictions lifted from Turkey?

    Any info on the laptop procedure for Turkey at the mo ? We are a tad out of touch at present .
  5. beyazbayan

    New travel restrictions on mobile devices

    The new restrictions re electronic devices ( they must be fully charged) now applies to all Uk airports and all flights in and out of the UK.
  6. B

    Restrictions on buying land?

    Can anyone tell me have the restrictions for foreigners buying in villages been lifted? Can foreigners now buy Tarla land also? Was under the impression restrictions were still in place Thanks
  7. saffie

    New Easy Jet cabin baggage restrictions

    Better pack light! easyJet squashes maximum cabin baggage size by more than a third | Mail Online Now only 50x40x20 will be allowed from 2 July saffie
  8. C

    Proposed Restrictions on smoking and Alcohol

    Sabah English
  9. jandj

    driving restrictions

    I've driven across to Turkey from the UK on two occasions. Firstly in 2010 and again in 2011. I've offered advice to other drivers, and now I would appreciate advice. Is there a limit on the number of times you take a UK plated car into Turkey. I understand the 180 day rule, but am sure I read...
  10. A&P

    Restrictions on non nationals purchasing a property in Bodrum

    Hi We are researching the possibility of purchasing a home in central Bodrum. What restrictions apply to non nationals owning property in this area? and do they apply to certain areas only or a defined location or are they set to a distance from a key point? How would we be able to tell if a...
  11. Helenm150

    Passenger restrictions on MA plate

    Hi, my neighbours have informed me that they have heard from several people who drive on MA plates that there are restrictions on passengers travelling in their cars - has anyone heard anything about this? Thanks, Helen :bolt:
  12. saffie

    Beat luggage restrictions

    Rufus Roo jacket review thread - Forums Got this today and thought it might be a great idea for travellers needing extra luggage space........though not very fashionable.:wow: saffie
  13. P

    Disaster! Alcohol Restrictions in Turkey

    Disaster! Just went on-line to order our usual supply of wine from Migros in Bodrum - but they have stopped selling alcohol on-line (am asssuming they still sell it in the store!?). Anyone know why? Is it linked to the government's new alcohol restrictions? Turkish government under fire over...
  14. newhorizon

    New Flight hand baggage restrictions

    Just incase any of you carry toner ink cartridges for your laser printers in your hand luggage..... Another new security measure came into force from midnight last night: Printer toner cartridges larger than 500g are banned from hand luggage on flights from Britain from midnight. This is in...
  15. bobthenob

    Water Restrictions

    Today the Water has been cut off where l live.l have also noticed as time went on the water pressure is less then it was a month ago before it was cut off. l wondered how other Residences of Akbuk are effected.The further up the hill you are the less water you will receive,because of the...
  16. ceemac

    Restrictions on boats in Göcek lifted

    Many restrictions aimed at protecting bays near the Aegean towns of Göcek and Dalaman from ship and yacht pollution have been lifted or softened. Here C
  17. C

    Liquid Restrictions Dalaman w.e. 1 Jan 2010

    I recall that Dalaman had brought in liquid restrictions last spring but from my experience, everything was the same as the previous years as I had 2 small bottles of water in my hand luggage and it wasnt removed. However I have just read about this on the Dalaman airport website so it looks...
  18. Sweetnighter

    Building Restrictions on Bodrum Peninsular (Yalikavak)

    Merhaba herkes I read an article in the Turkish Daily News last year saying that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism had taken over all planning decisions from the local councils on the peninsular and that because of over-development there would be a STOP to any further developments until these...
  19. P

    Airport restrictions eased.

    New rules come into force today easing airport security restrictions in the U.K.Twenty U.K. airports have been cleared to allow two pieces of hand luggage through security,although some carriers including Easyjet and Ryan air still only allow you on with one piece.Check bbcnews24 for...
  20. J

    Easing of security restrictions

    Looks like things may be on their way back to normal... maybe. Aircraft hand baggage restrictions imposed after an alleged terrorist plot to attack airliners may be eased, says Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander. more The Beeb News. JF
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