1. suzyq

    Gluten-free restaurants in Istanbul

    In Istanbul, there are a number of restaurants devoted to or having adopted this healthy-living lifestyle providing multiple options for those living gluten-free. The following is your guide to where to go to get the best gluten-free fare in town...
  2. H

    Bars restaurants shops open out of season

    Which bars restaurants and shops tend to stay open out of season? Thanks
  3. L

    Alcohol prices at restaurants

    This is only a personal opinion so please do not reply in a negative way towards me but I wish to ask why when tourism is way down in numbers on previous years almost certainly due to the terrorist situation in Istanbul and Ankara and also the migrant crisis, are the majority of the restaurant...
  4. K

    Turgutreis Restaurants Bard

    Hi All Visiting Turgutreis end March never been this early before. Can you tell me what resturants Pubs are open. Is Uncles open and hopefully the Target Bar. Thanks for your help. Keith
  5. S

    Mentions of Turkish Supermarkets & Restaurants in UK

    May I humbly suggest that you add one or two threads for Turks living in the UK (or Brits with Turks living in the UK) of the best (1) Turkish Supermarkets - where Turkish products can be found, you would need to give the location as well as a rating system, like stars, maybe one to five. (2)...
  6. N

    Cafes, restaurants and local amenities

    Hello, we are visiting koyunbaba area in April and haven't been over since 2014. Are there still the little local eating places such as Ada and Ehl-y keyf still open? Want about the little local shops such as the bakery, water shop etc. Any in old be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. P


    Arrive for our much looked forward to annual holiday in YALI on Sunday, is Keyf,s fish restaurant still recommended, also the steak restaurant opposite on the corner. Yali boasts some of the best restaurants in Turkey . Three Brothers Restaurant still there? We will try them all but any...
  8. R

    Buffet type restaurants in Didim or Altinkum

    Any ideas where I can find a buffet type restaurants in either Didim or Altinkum. Name,location and or tel no would be great. Many thanks in advance of any replies.
  9. J

    barbecue restaurants

    hello ev1 i have heard so much about places around mahmutlar and surrounding mountains where they do barbecue by kilo.tried very hard to find them last year but no luck. can anyone here please give directions? thanks
  10. 4

    Turkish Restaurants in Uk

    Are there any reviews on Turkish restaurants in the UK , outside London that is. Newcastle seems to have developed a Turkish quarter at the top of Westgate Hill & the Red Mezze restaurant there is very good. Cappadocia in York is good & a new one in Middlesbrough , Meze Lounge, has just opened.
  11. B

    Restaurants and bars

    Can anyone tell me what restaurants and bars have reopened this year and what ones have closed down please thank you:)
  12. Kingfisher

    Restaurants in Cappadocia

    If any members were thinking of coming to Cappadocia this summer (or spring or autumn or why not even this winter?), here are a few tips if you are looking for somewhere good to eat. Top of Turkey: Restaurants, where to eat in Cappadocia, Turkey (Since I can't find a Cappadocia forum, I put it...
  13. keny

    restaurants in gumbet

    Does anyone have in formation on good quality/food resturants/bars with various English/Turkish food? Thanks if you can help?
  14. P

    Yalikavac expensive? Must be bargain restaurants to be found?

    Hi ya keep hearing how expensive Yalikavac is :( Budget family holiday happening as of this saturday, I would love your suggestions for the best eats out in Yalikavac where I can feed the family great Turkish food PS how much is a meal out for 6 on average? Open to all suggestions, best value...
  15. perfect1949

    how many restaurants and bars will close this year

    I think some restaurants and bars are getting far too expensive these days , for instance there is no way I would pay 11 TL for an efes when I can buy it for 5 TL . So are some restaurants and bars going to price themselves out of business . Dave and shirley
  16. T

    Altinkum 2013 Restaurants

    There is the established all year round eateries and soon more will be opening their doors in Altinkum for 2013 I know there is recommendations on previous threads however chefs move,owners move.So for all of us that are just about to come over,,who are top of the ratings for good food ambience...
  17. C

    Restaurants and Kahvalti

    Hi All! Planning a quick two day trip to Antalya for a "holiday" getaway from Alanya and I was wondering if anyone here had recommendations for must-go to restaurants around the kaleici area? Also, any spectacular kahvalti joints? Cheers, Cici
  18. J

    Indian/chinese restaurants around Dalaman

    I'm looking for a good Indian Restaurant, or Chinese, if there is such a place, in Dalaman/ Dalyan/or Ortaca areas. Must be good food though, Thanks. Jules.
  19. J

    Indian/chinese restaurants

    I'm looking for a good Indian Restaurant, or Chinese, if there is such a place, in Dalaman/ Dalyan/or Ortaca areas. Must be good food though, Thanks. Jules.
  20. C

    Dim Cay Restaurants

    Hi all, It's been awhile since I headed out to Dim Cay and I was wondering if they are still open during the off season? I have some friends coming into town this week and I definitely wanted to take them to have a nice leisurely lunch. I do not want to get out there and find everything...
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