1. bickern

    Dac Cafe & Restaurant - Dalaman

    No, this is not a review of my favorite Turkish restaurant, but then again maybe it is. For those whom are not aware of it, it is adjoined to the prison at Dalaman and serves to rehabilitate offenders by giving prisoners training that can be utilised to gain employment on their release. The...
  2. G

    Indian Restaurant in Alanya (opened 2018)

    The long-awaited first Indian Restaurant (so far as I know) opened in Alanya on Monday 11th June 2018. INDIAN BAZAAR on Mehmet Akif Ersoy Caddesi (I think) having taken over and refurbished the former Nordic Point restaurant. We spotted this whilst it was undergoing its refurbishment and spoke...
  3. Spike

    İndian Restaurant in Kalkan

    There used to be an İndian Restaurant ın Kalkan called Asian Gate, run by a Pakistani gentleman called Jawed. I think the restaurant closed in 2016, then re-opened in a new locatıon ın 2017. Can anyone tell me if it is still open, or has Jawed opened a new place and where is it? Or for that...
  4. A


    Just opposite Side Prenses Hotel was Ozzys Bar but now it will be a Chinese Restaurant called China Corner and run by Jessica who is Dutch but speaks about 6 languages fluently- she used to work at Cheers Bar - and also Osman who worked at the old China Court Chinese Restaurant. I hope they...
  5. I

    Chinese Restaurant

    There used to be one in Side opposite Beckhams but it is no more. Are there any others?
  6. Kingfisher

    Turunç Restaurant recommendations?

    Asking for a friend. Does anyone have any recommendations for good Turkish restaurants preferably meyhane-style? Or at least not steak houses, burgers or tapas bars.
  7. J

    Indian restaurant in Mahmutlar?

    hello everyone I am hoping to open an authentic indian restaurant in mahmutlar and wanted to to know what are your thoughts good or bad your feedback much appreciated thanks
  8. S

    AVTA restaurant - winter opening

    Wanted to let people know that the AVTA restaurant on the seafront in Kadikalesi is trying to stay open through the winter. Nice couple of lads trying hard to offer locals a place to go during the 'off' season so if you fancy a trip along please drop in and at least have a tea or coffee. They...
  9. SonnyJim

    Indian Restaurant

    Hi! We are in Kyrenia on hols for a week. Any idea which is the best Indian Restaurant?! Have a car so don't mind if it's out of town...
  10. K

    Myane restaurant kadikalesih

    Hi can anyone tell me if this restaurant is still open Thanks
  11. J

    Sa'kin restaurant

    Has anybody tried this newish restaurant on the road up from the waterfront towards Gumsan? The setting looks nice. So many restaurants along this road have been and gone in recent years (except Limon of course). Anyway, will probably give it a try tonight. By the way, had very good evening...
  12. T

    New Restaurant at Ozgur Sahil Sitesi

    Kemal, who used to work with Hassan at Zergul Kent has opened up a small restaurant on Ozgur Sahil Sitesi, which is 150yards further past the new Sunset Basko site. Follow the signs for the beach (Sahil) or call Kemal (0535 383 06 30) and he'll arrange a car to pick you up and take you home...
  13. T

    Guvercinlik restaurant name.

    Anyone know the name of the restaurant which is the first on the right hand side as you head into the area where the market is held? Sorry that's not very descriptive is it. The restaurant has a large wooden area to the left and an old stone house on the right where the kitchen is, and is run by...
  14. G

    Pub and restaurant manager looking for work

    Hi I'm about to move out to Altinkum and looking for something to do
  15. christella

    selale restaurant akbuk

    this is a new one just opened up found this on my last night there if only i had found it sooner i well liked it the prices was the best in akbuk wine 7 i had a chicken casserole stella had chicken curry both 13 lira the evening cost 60 lira 2 meals 4 drinks and the waiter who was so funny gave...

    Espavo Cafe Beach Restaurant

    Anybody been down there and seen Tayfun is he open this season he was unsure backend last year whether to open Thanks in advance Phil
  17. W

    Restaurant Prices

    Has the recent surge in the TL had an effect on Restaurant prices yet?
  18. H

    Nar Restaurant

    Anyone who fondly remembers Menderes who used to have Nar down by the old bus station, will be pleased to know he is back in the high street. Lovely food, bar and a family garden, and he will try and get live sports events, currently watching England v Lithuania.
  19. immac

    Jamie Olivers Restaurant

    Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Turkey files for bankruptcy just fourteen months after opening in Istanbul Jamie's Italian in Istanbul's $2.5billion Zorlu Center Mall opened in 2013 But despite its prominent location, it experienced financial difficulties Bankruptcy hearing was told chain would cut...
  20. S

    Mocca restaurant

    Have not been to Datca this year and wanted to go back to mocca restaurant but struggling to find. Fear that restaurant has now closed due to all the changes on the harbour front. Can anyone recommend a good pizza restaurant as we have some Italian friends with us who are getting withdrawal...
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