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    European Parliament urges Turkey to respect freedom of press

    The European Parliament has criticized the Dec. 14, 2014 operation against TV stations and newspapers with alleged links to Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, in a joint motion that is set to be voted on Jan. 15, also recalling that “a free and pluralistic press is an essential component of any...
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    Speaks for itself......... Bethany Townsend?s Colostomy Bag Bikini Pictures Inspire Others | Entertainment Daily
  3. bickern

    Respect and lack of it

    I have been absolutely amazed at the total lack of respect that some members have shown on a particular thread. There are rules on any forum as there are in life but do we actually need to read and digest them to know when the line has been crossed. I like, nay love a nice debate come argument...
  4. scotssteve

    With respect to my Irish friends

    BBC News - Who, What, Why: Why are so many airline bosses Irish? :hmm::speaknoev Good question - could everyone be focussed on a great escape..........and if so how better than to run the airline...............L.O.L
  5. suzyq

    From Didim with love and respect, to Erciş and Van

    When disaster strikes solidarity becomes the buzzword, and except for a few isolated incidents of people inciting hatred against their very own fellow Turkish citizens (think of those few yet rather disturbing voices promoting a vendetta against “the other” by refusing to send humanitarian aid...
  6. val2661

    Lack of respect

    Just travelled on the town bus from Oba to Alanya Centrum and was really horrified about the lack of respect a Turkish man was showing to two very young Russian girls. This guy is a relief bus driver (about 30 years old) and has a good command of English. He was travelling on the bus...
  7. S

    A level of respect

    Do you think members deserve more (or less respect) from other members based upon how long they have been members on the forum? Should respect be reserved for only those with the most green spots? For example, it appears that I should be showing longer more established members more respect...
  8. martin m

    where is the respect from kids

    Hi all After being a member since 2006 this is my first post EVER (i think) in the padded room. A lot of the members may or may not know that i do a lot of running, i mainly run home from work with a rucksack on my back, its about 8 miles and i do it around three times a week, i have Never had...
  9. Summertime

    No respect at all

    When I bought an apartment in Didim August 2008, I went to a solicitor to write the contract and went so to the Notar. But it does not help, the estate angent is not doing what I have payd for, and now I am very angry, and dont know what to do. He had not done my garden, every times I come down...
  10. S

    respect and decorum

    There is much talk in the U.K. along the lines of "if people want to live here they should respect our culture" and I wonder how much of this is genuine. On a recent visit to our bank in Altinkum my wife and I were horrified to see a middle aged English couple somewhat improperly dressed. The...
  11. D

    Health tips from a doctor I respect

    I DON'T KNOW WHICH DOCTOR WROTE THIS, BUT I LIKE HIM! HEALTH QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION Q: I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life; is this true? A: Your heart is only good for so many beats, and that's it... don't waste them on exercise. Everything wears out eventually...
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