1. bickern

    Amazing what 30 years has done to Turkish resorts

    Watch the video. BBC Archive in Turkey this week from what the BBC published in 1988 In this section, holiday places such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Altinkum, Icmeler and Kuşadası in Aegean are introduced for British tourists. There are also various holiday information from lunch to dinner. We...
  2. immac

    Tax Free Tourist Zones in Turkish resorts

    From Daily Sabah Extract: "Zeybekci said tax-free tourism zones will be established in the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal provinces, specifically Çeşme, Bodrum, Didim, Marmaris and west of Antalya. The project envisions foreign boats and ships docking in order to bring tourists who can...
  3. Yalides

    Best resorts UK Turkey

    To be fair after the worst resorts. We always loved Looe in Cornwall and look forward to going there again when back. In Turkey it has to Akyaka with Kalkan a close second. Look forward to TLFers choices.
  4. Yalides

    Worst resorts in UK/Turkey

    Clacton on sea and Hisaronu. Should twin these two dumps. What are your choices ?
  5. Yalides

    Turkish Black sea resorts

    Any information on Black sea resorts, which ones are the best. Any pictures ? Thanks.
  6. D

    whats the property market like in the resorts

    İ live in İzmir and prices seem quite buoyant and there are lots of removal lorries about. -i have no idea of the situation in the resorts as to where the market is and where it is going-i am contemplating buying but like us all i dont want to buy into a falling market or has it reached a...
  7. N

    resorts near Bodrum

    I am trying to book a hotel and flights for October in order to attend yet another court hearing. My solicitor comes from Izmir and usually meets us in Bodrum. I cant find any reasonably priced accommodation in Bodrum but I dont know any of the other resorts. I need to be able to get into...
  8. B

    Altinkum compared to other resorts in Turkey

    Hi, Why is it that Altinkum seems to get all of the negative news compared to the other tourist resorts? Reading this forum it seems that there are no success stories at all in the area. Why is this do you think?
  9. shirleyanntr

    Ski resorts in Turkey

    Here is a travel article ive pasted from Earth Report...makes a change! Turkish ski slopes yet to be discovered by mass tourism Uludag/Kartalkaya, Turkey * The snow crunches auspiciously under the skis and the lift gives off a familiar hum. At this altitude, there's a wide view of the...
  10. ceemac

    'Excursions' from the Resorts

    Excursion is a word I hate to use as it conjures up all sorts of images. However, I am interested in finding out what these 'trips' are like. For instance, my departure point would be Turgutreis, and I'm talking about journeys by road to Ephesus for example. I hate the thought of these...
  11. immac

    Alcohol Ban in Resorts.

    German daily: AKP alcohol ban idea targets Islamic investment The New Anatolian / Ankara A German newspaper claimed on its Wednesday edition that moves in Turkey to restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages are aimed at attracting tourism investment in Turkey from Saudi Arabia and other...
  12. lorraine

    Bodrum Beaches and resorts

    What is the best beach area in Bodrum, all you members are keeping this info far too quiet time to share the secret!!! post some photos to the threads if not i am going to raid you photo albums..:lol: I have read threads stating "we have purchased" etc.. so now I want to know why. Yes my...
  13. lorraine

    Alanya beaches and resorts

    Now call me nosey...:lol: I love seeing photos of other areas, especially ones that I intend to visit. With a growing number of members from the Alanya area I am sure that you can all tell a tale or two of the best beaches resorts etc... So come on all you Alanya'ites' tell us what is so...
  14. C

    Izmir to Become a Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Destination from 2006

    Hotel news resource Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts has signed a management contract with Viltur Insaat Ve Turizm A.S. for the takeover of a business hotel in Izmir. The 5-star hotel is to open officially in mid-2006 following extensive renovations. It will be the second hotel to be run by the...
  15. shirleyanntr

    skiing resorts

    sking resorts. following on from Mrlins post about thermal resorts there are some great ski resorts in Turkey ..which i dont think get widely advertised in the uk. there is a super resort in the mountains outside antalya..just about an hours drive called Saklikent...not the same Saklikent thats...
  16. G

    comparing house prices across resorts

    A lot of us have an interest in the house prices across the Turkish coastal resorts. I was wondering how the prices compare in the different resorts and wether some area are increasing more than others? Are prices cheaper on the Aegean coast than on the Med for example? Where are the expensive...
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