1. G

    No-nem: Have the Issues been Resolved?

    It has been a while since the problems with No-nem damp proofing were raised on the forum. The other thread has become cluttered with posts that are not specific to the company itself. The most recent information we received was that the MD was about to resign, transferring some of his shares...
  2. S

    Nightmare in Altinkum now resolved

    My daughter has just arrived for her first vist to our apartment and even though I gave a detailed map of where to go with appropriate landmarks and photographs, the transfer driver droped her in the wrong place took the money and just left her. Frantic phone calls at 3 am and over an hour...
  3. Mushtaq

    Pinny & TTPC issue resolved

    I'm just got a note from Ahmet (pinny) who had some problems buying property a little while ago. I am glad to say the matter has now been resolved, Ahmet asked me to post the following note on his behalf. On February 16th 2005, I posted on this forum details of a dispute between myself and...
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