1. ceemac

    Resizing Animations

    Is it possible to resize an animated picture without losing the animation? C
  2. PDM

    Resizing Avatar Pictures

    Im having a few problems with uploading and reducing the size for my avatar pictures. Any suggestions on how to resize them and make them my profile pictures. Thanks :wacko:
  3. merlin

    Test: Resizing a photo or image....

    Resizing Images Theres loads of tools for resizing images so they fit nicely in the forum browser and heres a freebie tool that is very easy to use using the default settings
  4. merlin

    Resizing photos to use on forum posts just got easier!

    Including a photo or image in your post.... If you want to make a post on the forum that includes a photograph or image you can do this easily by using a free third party image hosting service such as ImageShack Just upload the image you want displayed in your post...
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