1. M

    Turkish residents stuck in the Uk

    Are you in the UK and want to get back to your Turkish home. Well there is a facebook group set up to fly back from the UK to Dalaman. They have the chance to book a plane(none commercial) to fly from Stansted to Dalaman on the 13th May. The flight is being managed by a reputable travel...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Turkey residents

    A reminder to cash in your loyalty points before Dec 31st. In most cases they are lost if unused at the end of the year. I have cashed mine in but we forgot my wife's Garanti bonus points. At Migros today a really nice lad on the cash dest told her that she had points on her Bonus card and would...
  3. B

    Help to contact residents permit office Mugla.

    Can anyone out there please help me, I applied for my two year residency permit two months ago now, and have a flight booked for the 30th of this month back to the UK if my permit is not back by then I can only stay there for 14 days I believe. I have been unable to find any phone numbers for...
  4. H

    Residents Permit

    Hi does anyone know if you can check the progress of your residents permit application or, how long does it take after you have posted the application to the DGMM in Antalya? Thanks
  5. M

    Residents agreement to share communal maintenance costs

    I wonder whether any owners in shared apartment blocks/complexes have any information or advice they could share to help with our problem please? I own an apartment in a communal block where there is one other rental apartment, two domestic dwellings, and one holiday home. When I bought the...
  6. MiddleEarth

    Princes Islands Residents?

    Are there any full-time residents living on the Princes Islands on TLF? I have some questions and would like to correspond with anyone who lives there year-round. Thanks
  7. bickern

    UK residents overseas will be able to vote in UK's General Election

    This week the UK Electoral Commission has launched a dedicated overseas voter registration campaign. The campaign aims to encourage British citizens living overseas to register to vote ahead of the UK Parliamentary General Election, due to take place on Thursday 7 May 2015. To mark the start of...
  8. suzyq

    British Consulate Meeting for Didim & Akbuk Residents

    Wonder if the Izmir Consulate will be going as well. UKinTurkey 21 hours ago The British Consulate Izmir invites British residents in Didim & Akbuk to a community meeting, to be held at Didim Chamber of Commerce, at 11:00 on Wednesday 12 November. The purpose of the meeting is to: - Provide...
  9. martirkz

    Residents Permit Renewal & SGK

    My friend renewed her RP on 8/8/2014 and today went to the local SGK office in Ortaca to inform them of her new RP (which we had been informed you must do for your SGK to be valid), she was told that her SGK had finished on 8th August and for her to continue with SGK she has to go to get a...
  10. J

    clarity re new residents visa

    Jak here. Just been told that to get a (first time ) residents visa i have to apply for it back here in the UK. My plan was to get out to Side for October 2014 on a 90 day e visa then decide if I want to stay and then apply for resident visa. Now that makes sense going out then coming back to...
  11. shirleyanntr

    New RP rules and Health insurance

    A friend of mine went to get his RP on Monday under the new rules...his previous RP was 5 years but he could only renew for a year since he hasnt been here more than 8 years He's in his 50s and hasnt health insurance He had to pay 50 lira for the RP card for one year and under a 100 lira tax...
  12. J

    Irish residents

    Hi Does anyone know if there are many Irish residents in Gumusluk area or nearby
  13. suecheshireuk

    Help needed from Akbuk residents

    Hi, I'm just wondering if any members here that live in Akbuk will check any bins you pass. We had our bag stolen from the beach today, almost opposite the university. It had our residency permits, scooter documentation, driving licence in it, scooter keys, house keys, mobile. I can't see this...
  14. kemerkid

    Calling all Altinkum residents, good car hire company?

    A friend of mine is booked into the Seahorse deluxe Hotel and Residences in Altinkum later this year and will be needing a hire car for a week. Can any of you good people over there recommend a car hire company with reasonable cars and rates, there will only be two of them but they will travel...
  15. Jaycey

    Semi permanent residents

    Question 1 We will be living 6 months of the year in Turkey and 6 months in Ukraine. Does anyone perhaps know if we will have to maintain our SGK insurance for the complete year or is there some way we can just pay for the 6 months that we are in Turkey? Question 2 I understand that a...
  16. S

    Residents visa questions

    I'm currently in Turkey on a visitors visa, staying with my Turkish boyfriend. Does anyone know if I could apply for, and get a residents visa, even if I don't actually own or rent a property in Turkey myself? (My boyfriend rents his apartment). Also, I know that I'm not allowed to work in...
  17. S

    Foreign Residents Seminar

    Just wondered if anyone attended this meeting at the Yalikavak Belediye on Mon 20/05 and, if so, might have some information about what was discussed. Thanks
  18. G

    Residents visa

    Can anyone help? Yesterday we applied for a one year residents visa, we have our yacht in Teos marina. We were charged in total 370 euro. We thought that the charge for UK citizens was lower than this does anyone know exactly?
  19. C

    Akbuk residents 1000tl charge

    According to voices, 28,000 residents in Akbuk will be charged 1000tl to pay for the new sewer system, reputed to cost 34 million tl. The scheme will depend on a 50% bank payment and government agreement.
  20. gerald

    Free graves for foreign residents in Alanya

    From Hurriyet daily news March 19 2013 Alanya Municipality in the southern province of Antalya has opened a 2,000-square-meter graveyard for foreign residents in the district to use free of charge. more...
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