1. C

    residential homes

    I am just thinking to the future but does anyone know if there are Residential homes or nursing homes in the Bodrum area? I have SGK Health Insurance. Thank you for your help.
  2. lartiste22

    Residential taxes

    Does anyone know or you have to pay residential taxes ?? Before it was the common AKBUK and now ?? Thank you for answers :thanks:
  3. G

    help with residential visa

    what do I need for a residential visa.. do I need anything from uk. I know I need housing contract. Anything else. Thank gemma
  4. M

    residential permit for mother in law

    Does anyone know how we get a residential permit for the mother in law if she came to live with us. We would not be taking any rent from her - do we just make a statement stating this, she will also be living off her own pension.
  5. M

    Istanbul residential developments good or bad?

    Hello, Im looking at buying an investment property in Istanbul. There is not a lot around for someone with my budget, but some of the new large residential developments have appartments for £20,000-£50,000 with about a 50% deposit now. One of the developments Im looking at is called "Center...
  6. G

    commercial / residential

    is it possible to get change of use for properties from commercial to residential use ? anyone know or have experience of this in turkey. regards ged
  7. T

    Changing use of apartment from Residential to Business

    Can anyone offer any legal advice please? We have owned our apartment for the last five years. We have been informed that one of the Owners is looking into changing the use of his apartment from Residential to Business use. The Business would be office based, key holding, arranging cleaning...
  8. ceemac

    Allowing Pets In A Residential Complex

    An advisory article by Berk Çektir, a licensed attorney at law. 'Pets are almost human in view of a pet owner. An offensive act against a pet is considered the same as one directly against the owner. I used to have a cat, so I know how it feels.' Here C
  9. keny

    turkish residential phone guarantor

    Can anyone help please? I understand that if you apply to Turk Telecom for a residential phone connection you can ask a Turk to guarantee the connection.In practical terms does anyone know what are the processes you have to go through? Any help would be most appreciated- this refers to...
  10. sandpearse

    Electricity- Builder v residential rates????

    As you may have read on another thread I have recently found out we have no habitation certificate on our complex. We therefore have no manager or management committee, just the builder who seems to have taken charge of collecting electric, water and maintenance. I now have an urgent query...
  11. merlin

    More foreigners buying residential property in Turkey.... An increasing number of foreigners are buying residential properties in Turkey, which has begun negotiations for joining the European Union (EU). Some 53,000 foreigners from 68 countries have bought housing units in the country this year alone and a majority of them are...
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