1. P

    Resident Visa for Long Term Leases

    Greetings, My wife and I are considering a move to Turkey. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with Resident Visas being granted to expats who have signed a long term rental/lease agreement? (such as 2-5 years) Since we have a relatively short term exit plan, we would be wary of...
  2. C

    Criminal record and Resident Permit Application

    I am looking to apply for my first time short term resident permit but I see some people have been asked for a criminal record check. When I was 16 I was arrested and given a referral order I am now 20 so this is now spent would I still have a chance of being accepted?
  3. S

    Resident Permit granted for Foreign House buyer

    Dear Forum members, Me and my husband are still in the process of buying our land. We stumbled upon an article that the Turkish government would grant 1 year Resident Permit for Foreign house buyer. Is this true?
  4. beyazbayan

    Resident Permits

    Foreign Citizens Advice Centre 13 August at 17:13 · Edited · . Residence Permits Change of Circumstances please read It is imperative to inform the Directorate General Migration Management office to which you have sent your application, of any change in circumstance that occur whilst you...
  5. W

    Resident permit renewal requirements

    With regard to paperwork required for residency application renewal, can anyone tell me if paper proof is still required from the Land Regisry Office that one is still living at the address on the TAPU. If yes - is the long winded payment system still in force ie payment via the bank and take...
  6. bickern

    Procedure for Online Turkish Resident Permit Application

    RESIDENCY PERMIT APPLICATION PROCEDURE - Copied from Antalya Central - Residency permit application procedure Firstly ensure you have everything required for the online application:- BioMetric photo to upload This needn't be a "store bought" photo, "biometric" simply means a certain...
  7. keny

    ikamet resident application forms

    Can Anyone help? I am trying to access where I can fill in the residency forms online and print off. I can't find a site to do this?
  8. K

    Resident Permit help?

    Hi i know there are other threads on this topic but i am hoping someone can answer my particular issues. What are the current lengths of RP available? How much are they per couple? How much is SKP per couple per year,not that i knoiw what SKP is ? How much roughly is annual health insurance...
  9. F

    fautley (resident permit)

    I applied for a renewal of residents permit on 2 May which was paid for and accepted by the polis, I was told it would take about 6 weeks. I have also got the paperwork to leave and re-enter Turkey and am now back in Alanya again. The question is has anyone waited this long for a resident...
  10. A

    Tourist,resident visa including car

    Hi, I am new here and see that this might have been answered many times before but cannot seem to find a definitive answer (if such a thing exists in Turkey) I came here in May 2014 through Ipsala and the customs guy kept us there for 18 hours because he was an ass basically. When the new...
  11. D

    Resident bringing a car to Turkey

    I'm sure this question has been answered before but I can't find the answer. My wife is returning to Turkey after being in the UK for 3 months. Can she bring a car in for 6 months, or is there a rule that because she has been in Turkey for the previous 9 months prior to coming back she won't be...
  12. A

    held a resident visa more than 5 years

    Hi I have held a resident visa ( blue book) for more than 5 years, unbroken. I did hear that after this time, there are different rules that apply when you renew again, and maybe some concessions. Is this correct, and if so, does anybody know what they are? Thanks
  13. V

    Turkish Resident Permit for dependants

    Please can any one explain to me, once a parent obtains a RP, does remaining family also qualify?( In case one child is above the age of 18 ) ?
  14. L

    Cheapest Health Insurance for resident in Turkey

    Hi Folks, Can any of you give me info about the above please? Cheers Lisa
  15. G

    Turkish Resident Permit cancelled - help much appreciated :)

    Hello Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but here goes... me and my friend were chatting before and she was telling me that she got in bother last season with the police in marm, i wont go into it much, but to cut a long story short her RP was cancelled and she had to go...
  16. L

    Resident's permit

    Hopefully this will make up for the extra charges on driving licences!! A path to free permanent residence for British Expats living in Turkey in Latest News - YellAli
  17. S

    Resident Visa

    Foreign house buyers to receive longer residence permit in Turkey ISTANBUL Turkey clears its deck to expand the residence permit for foreigners who buy real estate properties in Turkey, Turkish ministers announced
  18. keny

    four year old's on mother's resident permit?

    We are having visitors who wish to stay beyond the 90/180 days.Can the mother use our address to get a permit annd are her 4 year old twins allowed on the permit?Thank you if you can help.
  19. B

    Resident Prospect

    Hello, I love Turkey and the people I have met. I first bought in Turkey in 1990 in Alanya and sold in 2009. At the same time I bought a small semi villa in Turgutreis which was the dream getaway but it turned into a nightmare. I still own it but it has been reduced to a shell. I am just...
  20. K

    Resident's visa and time away from Turkey

    Hi, I'm not sure if there are restrictions about how long you can be out of Turkey on a residents visa. We're intending to go back to UK for 4-5 months over winter. Thanks! Kat
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