1. L

    No residency appointment!

    Hello all! I applied back at the end of March and still no appointment. I am in Istanbul. I’m feeling worried because I really want to visit my family in the US in August. Does any one have any suggestions?? I am sort of an overstay even though I submitted my residency within a few days of my...
  2. G

    Citizenship or Residency

    Hi everyone can anyone tell us which is better e.g good and bad points of the two Citizenship or Residency. Thank you so much for your help.
  3. L

    Residency Visa- Tax Fee?

    Hi all, I’m looking into a residency permit so as to stay a few extra weeks in Turkey past my evisa expiration, without becoming unlawful and receiving a bar to return. I was told by a helper agency that if I’m a US citizen, tax fees will be around 1500 TL - which is quite high for me. Is this...
  4. L

    Tourist residency permit - visa fee? Departure?

    Hello all! I’m so happy to a found this forum, it’s answering so many questions for me. I have an inquiry about applying for a tourist residency permit that I’m curious if anyone has a perspective on. I’ve been in Turkey for about two months, my visa expires in about three weeks. Because...
  5. Ian2006

    Short term - 1 Year Residency

    Hi - as I’m not up to date with the latest short term residency rules - could I ask a quick question. If you own a property in Turkey and get a one year residency - does the 120 day rule still exist whereby you lose your residency if you are out of the country for 120 days or more? Finally...
  6. Freedom 49

    All Your Residency Questions Answered.

    We've just had a call from the Turkish Foreign Office asking us to put the word around that they will be running a meeting on Thursday 17th. October regarding residency for foreigners. Open invitation to all but especially non-Turks. They will have English and German translators attending and...
  7. IbrahimAbi

    Residency in TRNC discussion

    North Cyprus is discussing a new residence regulation. There are differing positions on the issue. During our 4 years working in the TRNC it seemed to me that mainland Turks were not always welcomed by the locals. The locals seemed not to object to the finance from Ankara though, and seemed to...
  8. I

    Family residency

    I had a family residency for over ten years but left Turkey May 2018 to look after my sick mother back in the uk. I am now looking to move back & join my wife as my mother has now died. Will I have a problem re-applying or will it be straight forward.
  9. NigelandElaine


    hi all you lovely people if your going for residency permit have your e visa hard copy with you
  10. gam101

    Residency Permit: self-application or thru a Rep.

    Ola folks! Question please; I noticed most members have discussed applying for residency permits through self-application, instead of a legal representative like an agency. Are there any pros. & cons. to either? Here are the figures I received for a residency permit from an agency for their...
  11. S

    Residency permit.

    Hello, please can anyone tell me if my wife and I get residency permits, how long can we leave Turkey for. Before it affects us. Thank you.
  12. S

    wifi no residency permit

    Hi, I have asked about internet before, but thought I would try again, We do not have residency permits yet, I just thought someone might know somebody that can set us up, thanks in advance, Scott
  13. G

    residency renewal

    Hi my first RP is due to expire in May, is the renewal process easier than the intitial one? how long before the new card is issued? BTW i'm in didim
  14. K

    Residency Permit

    Hi quick question. We plan to sort out Residency in April and move across to Turley in October to live. We plan to return home next Xmas then spend a couple of months in The Canary Islands. Is there a maximum time you can be out of Turkey when you have residency.?
  15. S

    residency advice

    Hello, I know there is a full post about getting your residency permits,but my wife and I are very much hoping to come and stay later next year,as we have a lovely wee apartment, but I would love to hear from anyone who has recently got there permits in Kusadasi, where to go to Apply, Cost, How...
  16. D

    Getting a residency permit in Didim

    Has anyone done this or know anything about this? I've been living in Istanbul for years but have left my job and planning a move down South. Have to sort out my own residency permit and don't know where to begin. It's a nightmare in Istanbul. How do I get an appointment for Didim - is it...
  17. S

    income for residency permit

    Hello, Please can someone tell me the minimum savings you need to declare, when applying for a yearly residency permit, i have looked but figures vary from 1600 tl to 3000 tl a month to live on, hope you can help. regards Scott.
  18. S

    Residency permit

    Please can anyone tell me roughly how much savings you need for a yearly residency permit, thanks so much.Scott also how long does it take to get one as you only get 90 days on visa. Thanks in advance.
  19. bickern

    Easier for foreigners to apply for their residency permits.

    The Directorate General of Migration Management (Goç Idaresi) have just made it easier for foreigners to apply for their residency permits. They have launched a mobile app available via playstore. The app is available in 6 languages. App for Iphones is coming soon...
  20. S

    Residency permit

    Hi, please can anyone advise us on cost of residency permit, thank you in advance.scott
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