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    Where to go What To Do Residencey Help

    Hi, we would appreciate any help anyone has in Turgetreis on the steps to get a residencey visa, where do we go first, where do we get the forms, etc...etc.How long does it take and how long can you pay for for 1st visa, we already have tax number but have no idea where to go to next, any help...
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    Residency - How much needed in Bank?

    Hi everyone, hope you all are enjoying the weather??? help with another question please, can anyone tell me how much you have to have in your bank account,for a couple, to renew residence we can"t remember how much it was two years ago??? once again thank you .
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    getting permanent residencey in bodrum

    hi new to this forum i have a house in bitez and i am planning to move there permantley in the next year how do i go about getting permanent residence anybody in the forum been through the process
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