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    royal residences

    Me and my son are stopping in The Royal Residence apartments in dolphin square, does anyone know what there like. thanks:biggrin:
  2. M

    jamine residences

    hi my name is margaret am looking for an apt s2 bed not to far of beaten track ive alrealy said my hellos to everyone i think but this is on a different forum so hello again or not what every the case maybe. i have been offered an apt in the jamine residences it looks lovely dont no any prices...
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    Seahorse Residences News

    Hi everyone, I just would like to inform you that we just started to do rent for our clients. So you can come and stay at our luxury apartments to get more information about Seahorse residences and feel yourself very special ! :) Best regards
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    Arinna Residences - 2,4 And Future Ones.

    Greedy Landowner and builder Just thought it was about time someone told the story of what is happening at Arinna. My parents bought an apartment (their dream) in what they thought was the most beautifull place they had seen in Bodrum. It has turned into a nightmare for them and the others...
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    Gundogan seaside residences?

    Gundogan Has anyone heard or been to Seaside residence. its a complex about 4km from Gundogan. Please let me know your views if you have. Also how far is Gundogan to bodrum airport.
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