1. bickern

    Man Does Everything For His Rescued Stork

    Man Does Everything For His Rescued Stork - KLEPETAN & MALENA | The Dodo - YouTube Man Does Everything For His Rescued Stork. This guy's been taking care of his rescued stork for 25 years — and they're part of the most epic love story
  2. J

    Alanya- rescued puppies need homes URGENTLY

    6 puppies rescued by children - had been thrown into a deep pit. 1 found new home today, but 5 left, 2 boys and 3 girls. Beautiful, look like German Shepherd cross, approx 1 and a half months old. Anybody interested pleas PM me for further details.
  3. edeller

    Gorgeous loving rescued dog needs a home

    Followed some people up from Gumusluk village and ended up on my sitesi. She continues to hang around looking for someone to take her in. I had her neutered and has been flea treated, bathed and when I left her 2 weeks ago she was in great health and with nice clean ears. A really nice...
  4. N

    Lucky needs a home in Turkey or UK

    [/IMG] Lucky was living as a stray ..covered in mange.. every day a struggle to find food and shelter. She was taken under the care of Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation Home - Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation ~ TARO Lucky is now a healthy, 2 year old in need of a forever home, she is...
  5. juco

    dog rescued Japan

    BBC News - Japan tsunami dog rescued after three weeks at sea
  6. C

    Rescued Turks arrived in Marmaris

    A lot of people sat up to watch the live TV of their arrival from Libya last night - I guess Marmaris will see more arrivals too. Turkish ships with 3,000 evacuees from Libya land in Marmaris - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  7. pineapple1

    Rescued in Helmand Province !!

    It's A Dog's Life In Helmand Province - Yahoo! News UK This is the best storey i've read in a long time its realy heart warming , Restores my faith in some humans .....Diane
  8. SuperBogs

    Dog drifts 75 miles on ice floe, rescued in Baltic Sea

    Provided by: The Canadian Press, . By Monika Scislowska, The Associated Press WARSAW, Poland - A frightened, shivering dog was rescued after floating 75 miles (120 kilometres) on an ice floe down Poland's Vistula River and into the Baltic Sea, officials said Thursday. Now his saviours just...
  9. zozatky

    Feed the rescued Animals

    Just ckick on the area its free . Click to Give @ The Animal Rescue Site
  10. N

    Please help to find Artus - Urgent Artus is a rescued dog , recently neutered. He was due to fly to Germany on Dec 14th , but he has gone missing from his foster home in Kusadasi . If anyone is in Kusadasi right now then...
  11. v6cod

    Rescued loggerhead turtle to be released

    There will be a release of a loggerhead turtle at Istuzu beach on the 3rd October at 5:30pm Read about it here. Fethiye | Rehabilitated Turtle to be Released - Saturday 3rd October The rehabilitation centre is situated on Iztuzu beach and can be reached by car or dolmus.
  12. v6cod

    Bob I rescued this....

    Was floating around the pool and thought a leaf had blown in so just picked it up and found it wasn't a leaf...... little cutie isn't he/she? None the worse for the dip it was put in a lemon tree soon after.
  13. T

    Loving home required for rescued dog

    We have recently taken in our third street dog. Unfortunately she and our first dog have the occasional fight, the last of which was serious. It seems to be a 'pecking order' problem, so we think it would be best if we could find a loving home for her on her own. She has a lovely temperament and...
  14. david & emma

    Rescued By An Angel

    Not quite sure if this is the correct place to write this comment or not, but i feel that i must at least thank the people involved. On our recent visit to Altinkum to stay in our new apartment we encountered a problem with having no water due to the amount of people there. Having two kids with...
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