1. P

    Hello Everone at TLF

    Hi Everybody, I have been on this forum for long time under another name but now i have set my own business up in altinkum. so i needed to register with a new name. . All the best.
  2. S

    military search on resales

    why do new people have to do this again when buying of english allready had a search thanks, steve
  3. B

    Offplan or resales

    For me New Off Plan never come in the equation !! Expat forums members are probably thinking whats the old boy on about ? Well lets look at the way they sell off plan ? They show you this pretty drawn picture which 9 times out of 10 has lovely green grass all around , a swish car in the...
  4. C


    Hi, Im coming over in May I want to look at property in Bodrum area but only interested in resales what is the best way to look at resales, the agents over there will want to show me new builds or off plan any ideas, looking for small 2/3 bed house with small flat garden at reasonable price.
  5. B

    selling resales in turkey

    Just out of interest how many of you have resold a property in turkey? I have noticed that a few propertys have been on the market for a year sometimes 2 and it is a bit of a concern. Do people only want new places? it seems that way. is it because so many new builds are going up and they are...
  6. leylaasena

    Where are all the resales?

    I've been searching the web for a cheap 2 bed ground floor apartment or small house ( a garden is a must). So far I've only found 2 possibles.All the rest are new builds. No wonder resales aren't moving if they aren't being advertised. Any one out there got lots of resales on their books ...
  7. ceemac


    Just wondering if anyone has any information on how the re-sale market is going? Does it vary from area to area ? C
  8. A


    Hi, was wondering has anybody any experience in selling their property privately, we are going to upgrade to larger place and looking for advice on resale, if anyone can recommend anybody to look after legal side would they please pm me info, the property is in altinkum, is it same procedure as...
  9. A

    Resales in Altinkum

    Hi everyone, as this is my first posting on the forum so please forgive me if I am going over old ground. My wife Michele and I bought in Altinkum about 18 months ago. Although we are happy with our purchase we feel we would like to sell and move to another part of town however, we have heard...
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