1. GnD

    Complexes Requiring Bunkers

    There is apparently a new-ish law in Turkey requiring bunkers to be built on complexes - this is another how many per plot type of scenario. Can anyone throw some light as to a web site with the rules upon, or even what these bunkers are for exactly. Logs? For War ? without a pointer cannot...
  2. M

    requiring 2 bed accom at Easter

    Hi, We are looking for some accomodation 7/4 - 9/4 (we're arriving early hours on the 7/4 and leaving morning of 9/4) to accomodate 3 ad + 1 ch whilst our villa in Uzumlu is ready. Anyone know of a reasonable priced 2 bed apart that is available in Uzumlu, Calis/ Fethiye or Ovacik area ...
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